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Reporter survey secret unlocking industry chaos regardless of whether or not the owners give money to open Beijing Building hole even doors are covered with the unlocking of small ads, the public be pestered beyond endurance. Reporter Liu Yao – he laughs | astronomical map core tip "as long as the money to unlock, ask is not the owner" and "decoration new premises not admitted, but was changed to" lock "in the end there is no record of public security, the people do not know how"…… Dahe Daily has received more and more people reflect. Recently, the reporter experience for your secret investigation, lock industry chaos, give you a safe lock weapon. [readers Tucao] A to the money on the lock, do not ask whether the owner of fine thinking of what the fear is that the recent mood of the people of Zhengzhou Xiao zhao. Because of carelessness, the three time to forget the key to the house with her, are helpless to enjoy the unlock the door lock service company. But there are so few down, Xiao Zhao found a serious problem can not reflect. "Every time I make a phone call, the master took the tools to unlock, pay, leave, not a chef carefully verified I is not the owner." Xiao Zhao said, because they are not strictly verify whether they owners, she always felt uneasy, "simply unlock fortunately, then lock is not safe, because there is a risk of the key or password is applied." In addition, there is a problem, that is, the company has declared that they have been locked in public security, and how to identify it? What’s more, a lot of people will not spend time and effort to verify that the other party is really in the public security record. Yu Zhao also Tucao, raised a question, as far as she knew, there are "lock area phenomenon", is in accordance with the position of the respective scribe "monopoly" unlock business, "customer optional" very small "feel the lack of industry regulation and supervision, so that the consumer is not assured." Xiao Zhao said. B never lived in the house, directly changed the lock core Zhengzhou reader Mr. Han also suffered a "lock at". Last week, he wanted to buy a house has not been renovated after the sale, and the agency went to the house to take photos, I did not expect to buy their own original keys can not open the door. In desperation, spent 50 yuan invited a bit of the master to unlock. "I’m in the corridor looking for a lock advertising on the phone, less than 10 minutes, the locksmith came, did not ask me is not the owner, but did not ask to see the proof of property, such as ID cards, to quote first, urging me to give money, give money to unlock." Mr. Han said. After the door was opened, Mr. Han in the living room windowsill found a discarded lock core, he took the original key to try the lock core opened. The house has not been renovated, but was replaced by a lock, the lock core is also thrown in the house, too arrogant." Mr. Han thought, he only gave the key to the agency to take pictures with their own, with the intermediary staff to remind him that he, there may be other intermediary key to borrow, with customers to search for the way that the locksmith lock core, because the agency between the rush of customers. Mr. Han said that whether or not the intermediary said that this situation, but.相关的主题文章:

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