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UnCategorized I realize I am a lot! There is no hiding the fact that us two year olds demand a lot of attention, require a lot of time from anyone within a two hundred yard radius, and create total exhaustion for those caring for us! I try really hard to be good each and every minute, but all of us know that is not in the realm of possibility. I will, however, in these following words state my resolutions for the New Year. I heard from a play date buddy of mine that you adults do this all of time and never stick to them. So I was thinking maybe I could challenge you over thirty people and present my own for 2009! First of all, I am going to try to stop saying the word NO all the time. I totally get that it is really annoying to you, and I do not really like the harsh sound of it either. Especially when it is .ing from your mouth to my little ears. So, could we strike a deal and both resolve not to use the word NO so many times in a one hour period? Second of all, I really need to work on that other word I have developed a strong affection for, sometimes an affection that travels above and beyond my saliva soaked blankie! That word would be MINE. I am well aware that not everything within my two year old, laser like eyesight is mine! You think I really believed that Spanish textbook from high school cousin Leo truly belonged to me? .e on! I just loved the picture of the pinata on the front that reminded me of my recent birthday party. You know the party. The one you guys spent almost three hundred dollars on just to see how cute I could be smashing into my cake! Thirdly, I will be better at sharing this .ing year. Sharing kind of goes hand in hand with that MINE thing. I just need to focus. Focus on the big picture that there are other things in the room that I can play with even when three of us want the same thing at the same time. I can step up to the plate, really I can! I will try to be the big guy on the block next time and rise above the temptation to not share. Fourth in line for resolutions for the New Year for this handsome two year old is the point in question so often throughout our day, and that would be the potty. What? You wonder why I keep refusing to go? Have you heard those auto flushers in the public bathrooms my friend? You know the ones, they sound as if they are going to suck an entire ship down into the bowels of the foundation of the mall! It scared the heck out of me, and I have never been the same since. I am afraid to go sit on our potty at home. But I will try really hard in 2009 to not relate the shape and feel of our friendly home potty to that of the mall monster potty! Only two resolutions to go. I felt six was a fair number to shoot for at the tender age of two! This fifth resolution is all about those circles under your eyes that make you resemble the raccoon in my favorite naptime DVD. Ooops! There it is. I just said it. The infamous naptime and even more infamous bedtime. I resolve to be a happier partner in getting me to rest this .ing year. I really did listen to the pediatrician. I so understand that I need my sleep in order to develop properly. But that same DVD with Mr. Ralph Raccoon is so cool even on the fiftieth time around that I do not want to fall asleep. So please, could we try a soothing story instead of a jungle gym mentality movie this year during rest time and sleep time? And lastly, my most important resolution for the .ing New Year has to do with helping me be.e a really cool person as I grow up in this world that seems to be changing monthly if not daily. I so need to be prepared to speak a bunch of different languages other than English, and I resolve to watch more Dora the Explorer, Handy Manny, Dragon Tales, and other things that will help me learn other languages. Do you not agree, all of you monolingual adults reading these resolutions from a toddler? Many of you kick yourselves in the rear end, as mommy calls it, for not being bilingual yourself. You wish you had not skipped high school French class so many times or you do internet searches for an easy and inexpensive language learning program for adults that will have you flying to Spain in no time, both bilingual and biliterate. Not me amigos, not me friends. I am going to be Prepared with a capital P! So my number one resolution for this .ing year is to let any language fall upon these cute, tender little ears of mine, allow my mind to soak them all up like the little sponge that my brain is right now, and begin to say NO in both Spanish and English. NO! NO! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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