Return to underground operation state No, drops!

Return to underground operation state? No, drops!   drops back to underground operation state? In other words, these two days, the so-called network about the new car will be officially implemented. As the main object of the new law enforcement, drops taxi has not yet announced a deal. Drops is not without effort, in the last week, the company drops CEO Cheng Wei and several major early investors to Changsha, hoping to be able to make a new effort before the official implementation of the network about the new deal. But the feedback is not ideal, it was said that the Changsha feedback is the main city has several unified views, November formally implement the new policy, the policy does not suspend does not rebound, and reiterated the city public traffic safety than the basic principle of comfortable and convenient. Although zaodaolengyu in Changsha, but not the network about the new car Changsha controversial area. About the new requirements of the car around the country are different, the biggest controversy in Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other ground network about the new car drivers are strict requirements for the operation of the driver’s household registration and vehicles. According to the taxi drops argument, drops in Beijing operating vehicles in line with the requirements of only 15 in Shanghai, the driver of the operation of the, with less than 10 thousand people in Shanghai. In other words, if in strict accordance with the implementation of the new deal, drops in the Beijing Shanghai vehicle supply will not reach the usual 110. In the empire by their own observation, can see the drops seems to have been fully repaying the foreign license plate, but for the local license plate or local foreign accounts do not meet the requirements of the vehicle license plate case, every look does not currently intend to act. In the face of this crisis, drops behind the cards should be unmoved two cards: one is that Shanghai is no longer the main contribution drops orders. President Liu Qing recently came out to disclose a set of data, after the annexation of the Uber China, the amount of daily trips to travel the country has reached 20 million orders, and at the same time to the market to pass a bit of foreign determination. In combination with Uber Chinese, strict internal pieces actually cut the sound, the sound is out of Liu Qing hope to transmit some information to the market, especially the "Shanghai Shenzhen first-tier cities is no longer the fact that the main contribution of the digital order drops", and drops can also make the global market information. But this is not the establishment of cards. Because first-tier cities is not only the meaning of numbers, it is a symbol of the future by imagination, the concept is not "drops the largest taxi company", but "technology and Internet technology, travel" never "city surrounded by rural" this model. If the public transportation doesn’t understand the city drops to withdraw from the Beijing Shanghai, the outside world is almost impossible to believe that they can expand to more areas. In addition, for a high degree of dependence on the capital market drops, the north is the most direct financial capital magic. O2O also in the prosperity of the last year, there is a saying: O2O, the first to conquer China World Trade Center, because investors are in China World Trade Center; then to Shanghai to Beijing, because the country are looking at Beijing Shanghai. By day valuation, now the concept description to the investment market in half, drops must maintain its influence. From the point of view, if you take the initiative to carry out the implementation of the new Beijing Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, meaning almost suicidal. The;相关的主题文章:

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