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Revisiting the haunting or history of sina micro-blog | tourism in 2016 08 months 31 days 14:21 after every street, there is a kind of indescribable feeling, with a heavy sense of time, heart heavy, miss but inexplicable and attachment. Today they followed Guisi street, together to find out who was nostalgia! [memory] open? Skylight Guisi Guisi was originally named to the bridge, bridge, according to the Qing Emperor Qianlong "Zhenhai county" contains: "Guisi bridge, Liu Fuqing Liu Ai, Liu Shixian construction, reconstruction." In Liu Bridge named Guisi, intended to stage tamarind sun hilltop symbol of wealth and nobility, prosper. Follow up the construction of your yuan, your security, you pass, your display, such as bridges, are responsible for this. As with Guisi located land thoroughfare, 0.7 kilometers away from the early Northern Qi Qiao bazaar and 1.6 kilometers southeast of the Miao Sheng Temple after the fair and moved here. First ten days of the five cities, then the day market, trade flourished. [revisit? Find the initial impression] Guisi Bridge Station in Guisi bridge, the river under the bridge flowed in the past, the same time, go slow. On both sides of the river for the monolayer or two Jiangnan, the roof is not high, the top of the slope, black tiles surface. (Guisi bridge) along the river and built houses actually consists of a number of plots. Block between bridge traffic, the bridge Guisi bridge as the core of the frame between the three plots. The local people called "bridge even the three road", refers to the three directions. (even three Bridge Street on the old road) through the narrow streets, go to the river bank a very spacious triangle, which is based on the establishment of Guisi bridge street. Back and forth Street residents, carrying a basket, holding a child, riding a tricycle, neither fast nor slow to do. The East has two old, a hanging Ningbo Sheng Zi Ji Brewing Factory Guisi business department "brand, in the sale of small grocery. Sheng Zi Ji is a hundred years old, Brewing Factory is one of the plants. That year, the store sold wine, soy sauce, vinegar, bean paste, fermented bean curd, Yongcheng is famous in the whole. Another is the Guisi old shop. Two old craftsmen in the sun to dry hand a long face. The old lady with a scissors "click click" to dry shear, young man holding two long chopsticks will be open, straight. Long face Silver hung on the shelf, down down, thin and straight. (East two old) Guisi Guisi South East Primary School, has a history of 110 years Guisi primary school. In 1906, when he was president of the Liu Chongzhao County Education Zhenhai, raising tens of thousands of silver built the primary school, the school was named "baoshan". The name Bao Shantang quoted from the "book of rites?? the Chu book" a text: "Chu without that treasure, but the good of that treasure." This means Liu Chongzhao will refer to the cause of education, for the village children to inherit the goodness. In 1934, Guisi town mayor Liu Zhankun primary school in order to solve the reconstruction problem, launched the business in Shanghai Guisi nationals, and Liu Pinsan et al. Response and funding. After that, Liu Zhankun imitation Fenghua Wu Ling School model, the big 2 in Guisi in相关的主题文章:

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