Ronaldo is due next week for you to play in the Champions League he played well but must rest.-webquest

Zidane: change C Ronaldo is due next week to play in the Champions League he played well but must rest for Zidane C, sina sports news Real Madrid to Las Palmas after the end of the game, Zidane attended the press conference. He analyzed the results of the draw, the second is said that Real Madrid lost because the team’s attention, and for the next C Luo controversial issue, Zidane said that this is because the coach group considering next week’s Champions League match. When it comes to draw, Zidane said: "football is like this, sometimes you will have a chance, but not enough. You have to fight to the last minute, it is a pity that if you lose the ball at the last minute, it will be very difficult. I can accept the game today, the Villarreal we played badly, but today, from A to Z are good. Losing two balls to prove that not everything is perfect, we lost the 2 points, but will continue to struggle." When it comes to attacking personnel, Zidane pointed out: "Benzema and morata can coexist, we can arrange two people in front, behind them for four. But Real Madrid’s football is still the same. We changed Asensio, Benzema, and Benzema scored. But in football, you have to concentrate on the last. To analyze the ball, I have to watch it again. All in all, I can’t complain about anything." When it comes to the attention of the replacement of C Luo, Zidane said: This is another reason, we have a game in midweek, he must take a break from time to time. He played very well, I had to make a choice, considering the game on Tuesday I changed him." C Luo was changed after angry? Zidane denied: "no, this is a kind of romance. Obviously he wants to stay on the court, but I have to consider the situation of my players, especially the situation of C. We have a game on Tuesday. I will not change my plan." Zidane denied Real Madrid lack of strength: "I don’t think we lack strength. To the ninetieth minutes of the game when we control it, we have a lot of opportunities in the second half, Real Madrid is not lack of hunger, kicked out of the training content, but lost the ball two or what happens, we will analysis. Real Madrid are tied, I think it is everyone’s responsibility, not the individual players’ problem. We control the game, but we have to fight to the end, sometimes football is cruel." (Sergio)相关的主题文章:

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