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Russian media secret Chinese purchase Su 35 uses: Study on the performance of domestic aircraft — help Sichuan channel — original title: Russian media secret China purchasing Su 35 uses: performance study help domestic aircraft according to the Russian satellite network reported on October 13th, Russian media quoted the "radio electronic technology" deputy general manager Concen Givet for the season? Gabriel said, Russia will supply a group of Su -35 fighter to China, and the configuration and provide the same aerospace forces. Previously, China insisted on the assembly of some parts of china. Russian military expert Vasily? Kashin said that, that is to say, the procurement of the first batch of 24 Su -35 fighter’s main purpose is to study the performance of depth test. After about five years of long and arduous negotiations, China and Russia signed a contract for the purchase of the 24 Soviet -35 in 2015. The first discusses the purchase quantity. Russia insisted that not less than 48, while the Chinese want to buy a few frames, the two sides finally reached a 24 frame agreement. The purchase quantity agreed, there are still many problems in suspense. Russia does not intend to transfer any technology to China under the procurement contract framework, insisting that the aircraft should be supplied in the form of finished goods. However, according to Russian media reports, the Chinese side in 2013 to 2014 years insisted on the assembly of Chinese made aircraft components. Perhaps this requirement is related to the fact that the Chinese side wants to unify the fighter cockpit equipment, which will help to organize the technical maintenance and training of the pilots. According to available information, Russia agreed to make some necessary changes. Chinese manufacturers may be involved in part of the aircraft manufacturing. However, the "radio electronic technology" Konzern general manager quarter Jaffe said that after further consultations and negotiations, both sides reached an agreement that will receive Chinese and Russian warplanes fielded the same style, the only difference is the use of Chinese Beidou navigation system. Quarter garve admitted that Russia had tried to cab electronic instrument all the annotation information for Chinese, but Chinese characters in Russia in the LCD screen to display the poor. Chinese fighter equipped with a domestic LCD screen, information in chinese. However, the problem may not lie in the quality of the display, but the display on the screen of the aircraft and weapons control system. From this point of view, Su -35 and Chinese aircraft is different, it is difficult to display the normal font display all necessary information. Chinese air force and naval aviation still has a lot of aircraft equipped with equipment and screen with Russian label, mainly -30MKK and -30MK2 Su su. That is to say, this is not a problem that cannot be solved at the present stage. At the same time, if the future of China’s additional purchase, or transfer technology to Russia, it is necessary to redesign the data display system to meet the needs of Chinese customers. Obviously, the Chinese Air Force Procurement of 24 Su -35 fighter aircraft is mainly for in-depth testing to study its performance. Su -35 will help understand Chinese on their various types of heavy fighter f -11 more accurately and f -15, -16 development, these models will take a long-term China air combat force force. (: Luo Yu, commissioning editor Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

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