Sade in Korea on South Korean entertainment tycoons shares shrink 13-ca4111

Sade in Korea on? Korean entertainment wealthy stock has shrunk 13 data figure: Korean entertainment for Sade was the original title: "Sade" caused by the Korean entertainment market rich worth 1/3 cut according to Yonhap News reported on September 11th, with the South Korean government decided to deploy "Sade" anti missile system, depends heavily on China market price of Korean entertainment enterprises the impact of the entertainment rich Holdings devaluation. According to the rich information related to the chaebol network, 11 released data, the value of holdings of more than 100 million won (about 600 thousand yuan) of the 18 entertainers holdings of assets to 9 closing price for a total of 408 billion 100 million won, compared with the beginning of the 608 billion 500 million won by 32.9%. Among them, the entertainment market, South Korea’s richest man famous star SM entertainment President Lee Sooman held stock assets from the beginning of the 182 billion 500 million won to 125 billion 600 million won, down 31.2%. Ranked second on behalf of YG entertainment Liang Xuanxi holdings of shares fell by more than the beginning of the year of 36.5%. Entertainment company KEYEAST largest shareholder Bae Yong Jun holdings value decline of 18.8%. FNC entertainment representative Han Chenghao holds the value of the stock from the cut to 70 billion 700 million won 37 billion 300 million won. Reported that the four industry giants stock assets has shrunk dramatically, the reason is that the "Sade" in Korea has led to fears that the Chinese side to implement "retaliation" measures, so the China market dependence of entertainment company’s share price fell sharply. SM entertainment shares from the government announced the deployment of Sade the day before July 7th won 38 thousand and 400 won in September 9th fell by a total of $28 thousand and 600, down by 25.5%. YG entertainment share price fell 20%.相关的主题文章:

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