Samsung note 7 battery after the explosion was Apple copied back additional iPhone 7 orders cosmax

Samsung Note 7 battery after the explosion was Apple copied the way: the addition of iPhone orders Samsung had originally expected to release Note 7 before the release of the iPhone 7, in order to seize the market, but because the battery exploded, Apple was picked up a leak. September 7th, IHS analyst Li Huaibin told reporters in an interview with the surging News revealed that the news from Apple’s iPhone supply chain shows that Samsung Note 7 after the accident, apple added some orders to suppliers. "After the release of Note 7, the industry praise degree is very high, but recall events, may influence people to buy, this part may turn to buy iPhone 7, it is based on this judgment, apple added new orders to suppliers." Li Huaibin said. Apple’s main battery supplier ATL, Samsung is one of the important battery suppliers. Some analysts believe that Samsung Note 7 suffered a battery fire after the explosion, ATL will undertake more replenishment orders from samsung. At this time Apple additional orders, will allow the relevant suppliers to face the test of production capacity. According to the disclosure of information on the Samsung Corp, Note 7 because the battery fire, will be a global recall, is expected to take two weeks for the user to replace the battery. But this is the two week, Samsung will miss the golden age of sales. September 7th, China Unicom, Beijing, a WeChat public push iPhone 7 news, said in September 23rd iPhone will begin selling in. News from China Unicom said it may start selling in September 17th, Note 7 and iPhone 7 will be positive confrontation. There are a variety of predictions about the Samsung Note 7 recall caused by the loss of the outside world. According to the British Financial Times reported that Samsung recalled 2 million 500 thousand Note will reduce its revenue of $7 in, an annual net profit of $5%. More importantly, Samsung mobile phone is slowly rising from the bottom, the recall may affect the recovery of Samsung’s momentum. Li Huaibin said that at the time of the Japanese earthquake caused by the loss of SONY phones is $700 million, the Samsung loss should be around $900 million. I personally believe that the Samsung mobile phone will not cause much negative impact on Note 7 sales have some impact, but the impact on the entire high-end Samsung machine sales." It is reported that Samsung to buy Note 7 users to replace the new battery, but also presented a charging treasure, plus other maintenance costs. However, some analysts believe that Samsung will not be bought for all Note 7 users will replace the mobile phone, the mobile phone is equipped with additional accessories such as film users to replace the low percentage of. Samsung Note 7 global recall, but the Chinese market did not recall. Samsung given the reason is that China’s state Note 7 battery suppliers different. Recommendation: life boring boring? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章:

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