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Sanya from the "chaos" to "governance" and "landscape nostalgia" – Beijing, China News Agency, Sanya 1 November Xinhua: Sanya from "chaos" to the "new social governance" the landscape of "nostalgia" in Hainan reporter Yang Xu Yin Haiming said in Sanya, under the blue sky, walk through the white beach, overlooking the vast blue sea breeze blowing, and let numerous Chinese and foreign tourists. However, the rapid development of this small fishing village into a famous tourist city, but also the emergence of the black river water quality, mountain damage, green space destroyed, illegal buildings and other urban disease chaos. A good ecological "eat" the city, how to maintain the "eat" the cost? How to make people remember nostalgia? In June 2015, the state has decided to Sanya as the first city to repair, ecological restoration pilot city, Sanya has implemented a series of "combined" at all costs, cut to the "urban diseases". "Bald mountain" wear "green clothes" route, the highway side, on the outskirts of Sanya, a "wound" of over 63 thousand square metres of "bald mountain" particularly garish. Here is Sanya Mapoling have abandoned mine. In 1938, when the Japanese occupation of Hainan Island dug in the mountains here, after the founding of new China is also here to build cement factory quarrying, has been dug to the year of 2003." Sanya city forestry bureau director Zhu Chuanhua said, a little mountain vegetation are not very loud, "". In early 2015, Sanya raised $about 60000000, began to wear the "bald mountain" green clothes". The CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Sanya municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Qi said in April this year here planting, the ecological environment is the core competitiveness of Sanya, Sanya is the largest of the people’s livelihood, to create a better environment and create better ecological conditions for the public, visitors could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia". In a short span of a year, the bald hill was gone. Reporter recently went on hold Mapoling see the mountains lined with trees, weeds to vine, butterflies, birds singing. Zhu Chuanhua said that the effect of the repair of the mountain was surprisingly good, good biodiversity. "At the cost of" ecological restoration "before 2012, here is the river pond and the growth of mangrove wetland, then became a real estate project, plans to build 1 22 storey Hotel and 7 high-rise residential." Sanya Spring Road, mangrove ecological park project director Ji Jiaji told reporters that the government at all costs to halt the real estate projects park. Today, the mangrove ecological park is taking shape, with the surrounding residents. Sanya City Village East Village, the houses occupied Paihonggou, resulting in large wetlands next to become a pool of stagnant water. Sanya here as a key project of the shantytowns, collected 2940 acres of land, with 1066 acres of Wetland Park, as the expansion of the drainage ditch, the ecological green road construction projects such as land. Sanya City Vice Mayor Ji Yang District Cai Yaoze said, here is a prime location in Sanya, at least 5 million yuan per mu value, for ecological project land less income billions of yuan, plus the relocation compensation and the construction of the project cost, it is at the cost of ecological restoration. Earlier, Sanya has stopped相关的主题文章:

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