Schindler abandoned plant will be built for the Holocaust Memorial Museum-diying

Schindler abandoned factory will be built into the Holocaust Memorial China Heritage Network reported: Tuesday (November 8th), Czech Republic officials said the country will host the second world war massacre in a historically important ceremony in the abandoned factory. It is reported that the German industrialist Oscar? Schindler (Oskar Schindler, 1908-1974) had hired more than one thousand Jews, to protect them from persecution. According to the Czech Ministry of Culture said earlier this month, Schindler was born in Svitavy (Svitavy) near the town of Brian Liz (Brnenec) of the relevant part of the buildings into World War II cultural relic. The culture ministry spokesman Simone? Tsyganko EVA (SimonaCigankova) in an interview with the Agence France-Presse said mills, chemical laboratory, warehouse, and the front door for naming the square were built in nineteenth Century, "Brian Liz and Rosen gross? (Gross-Rosen) camp has a history of close contact". During the Second World War, Schindler will camp prisoners to their employment in Poland and Czechoslovakia enamelware and ammunition factory, which saved 1200 Jewish life. In 1982, Schindler’s story was written in the best-selling novel "Schindler’s Ark" (Schindler "s Ark), immediately aroused strong repercussions, and in 1993 by the world famous director Steven? Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) for the film adaptation of" Schindler "(Schindler s List), was released worldwide. The Czech massacre of the Jews and the Oscar Schindler Foundation (Shoah and Oskar Schindler Foundation) plans to restore the ancient town of Liz Brian’s old factory, and create the Holocaust Memorial, in order to show Schindler here in the face of life. It is understood that the memorial is expected to open in 2019. Recently, the fund will be responsible for the Yaluosilafu? Novak (Jaroslav Novak) said in an interview: "our goal is to restore the original appearance of the building, including the tower." (China Heritage Network compile reports) source: artdaily compiler: Ji Lu相关的主题文章:

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