Selection of the 20 thousand and 160 annual economic figures start today zhongguorentiyishu

20 thousand and 160 economic person of the year to start today voted 20 thousand and 160 click on the economic person of the year (in accordance with the voting rules, 31 days after 24 may participate in the voting) ten economic person of the year following the launch of the 20 thousand and 150 major economic person of the year award success, CO produced by sina finance, the people’s daily client, Wu Xiaobo channel of economy of 20 thousand and 160 year award reload struck! This afternoon, the three joint launch party in Beijing officially held the selection ceremony, the official website of the voting channel is also formally launched today. From the beginning of August 20th this year, the 20 thousand and 160 major economic person of the year has passed the media jury, the jury and the Organizing Committee of the organization for more than two months of investigation, the official website has announced the list of candidates selected, and from tomorrow, formally accepted hundreds of millions of netizens to vote, online voting results will serve as an important reference for the selection of the. Looking at the current China and the world economy, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is emerging, new industries, new formats, new models emerge. The new mode in the subversion of the traditional pattern, new technology in replacing old techniques, Chinese enterprise in change presents new situation and characteristics, especially the innovation of the enterprise are strong rise, become the main force in strengthening national economic competitiveness. In the boundless sea, there have been a group of people chasing dreams on the road, talking with strength in the social transformation, win in the commercial arena, becoming the global talent shows itself example, become the trend and direction of business development, promote the development of the world and become the era of the driving force. In order to let China business leaders influence measurement more accurate and comprehensive, "2016 ten economic person of the year" will also be opened from the "innovative, subversive, forward-looking, sustainable growth," five dimensions, covering the entire China business circle, to find the transition era lead the beauty of the business, industry innovation, the tide of the times leader entrepreneur. Today’s launch ceremony, vice president Deng Qingxu said in his speech this year, the organizing committee will still continue to force the mining China heart, to create a well deserved honor, one by millions of users really participate in the selection." "We hope that by ten economic person of the year award, outstanding leader China launched a lot of companies, the transition to witness the development of China economic and commercial mode; we hope that behind every list of the names of the candidates are an excellent means of establishment of enterprise, an industry is being reshaped, a new the business ecosystem built, hope to be able to down their eyes, perhaps can find more market opportunities, find a commercial value." He said. Today, as the president of the jury China known financial writer, blue lion financial book publisher Wu Xiaobo also came to the launch site, he pointed out that, based on the economic situation this year, the selection will be carried out in a new economic environment and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Wu Xiaobo said: "this year, we went through a period of depression and not too much passion, because the world is in a deflationary theory相关的主题文章:

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