Senior chowhound seven crabs a pound of shrimp after second days to occupy the toilet-mp7a1

Senior chowhound seven crabs a pound of shrimp after second days of occupation of the toilet can not eat crabs! The crab is delicious, but can not eat more. In September 28th, Mr. Li was Qiaodong ate 7 crabs, and a pound of shrimp pipi, diarrhea. The day before the evening, Mr. Lee bought 10 kilos of crab, shrimp Pipi from the market. He steamed delicacy, please family gobble down. But the family is not very interested in this, Li on the breath of eating 7 crabs, a pound of skin shrimp. After dinner, he also ate melon, watermelon and other fruits. The delicacy into the belly, Lee stomach has put forward "dissatisfaction", a burst of brew storms on rivers and seas. I thought it would be all right to sleep, but in the early morning of second, he occupied the toilet and went three times in an hour. Mr. Li, who had headache and soft feet, went down to the community clinic with his family members. After examination, the doctor diagnosed because of excessive intake of seafood caused. After symptomatic medication, in the afternoon, Lee’s symptoms improved significantly. "It’s because of greedy." Mr. Li as a senior chowhound, ashamed, he knew that the crab is cold, eat best with a dip in some ginger vinegar sauce, or accompanied by Yellow Wine, could not withstand the flavor of the fresh "the temptation to lead the diarrhea. (reporter Zhang Chanjuan)

资深吃货七只螃蟹一斤虾下肚 第二天霸占了厕所 螃蟹不能多吃啊!   本报讯肥美的螃蟹是好吃,但不能多吃。9月28日,家住桥东的李先生就因贪嘴吃了7只螃蟹,还有一斤皮皮虾,腹泻不止。   前一天晚上,李先生从市场上买了10只大螃蟹、两斤皮皮虾。清蒸美食,他便请家人大快朵颐。但家人对此不甚感兴趣,李先生就一口气吃了7只螃蟹、一斤皮皮虾。饭后,他还吃了甜瓜、西瓜等水果。   当晚美食进肚,李先生的肚子却提出了“不满”,一阵阵的翻江倒海。本以为睡一觉就没事儿了,可第二天一早,他就“占领”了厕所,一个小时上了三趟。   头疼脚软的李先生在家人的陪同下去了社区门诊。经检查,医生诊断是因摄入过多海鲜引起的。在对症吃药治疗后,当天下午,李先生的症状明显好转。   “都是因为贪嘴。”李先生汗颜,作为资深吃货,他深知螃蟹属寒,吃时最好蘸些带有姜末的醋汁,或者伴着黄酒,可因抵挡不住“原味最鲜”的诱惑,才引来腹泻。  (本报记者张婵娟)相关的主题文章:

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