September 2016 leaders around the 18 thousand Internet users to answer the an increase of 25%

Around September 2016 18 thousand leadership reply users demands   an increase of 25%– Sichuan channel — original title: around September 2016 18 thousand leadership answer the demands of Internet users grew 25% October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) in September 2016, three counties across the country, the party and government leaders by "local leadership message board reply" 17953 netizens, an increase of 25.3%; over the Internet message 23 thousand, an increase of 29.7%. Statistics show that in the middle of last month, three cities and counties for the reply message unit made show "Pyramid is" structure: the district level for the number of message unit reply users demands the most, a total of more than 7000 cities; more than 6600 Internet message reply, reply message for the provincial units of more than 4100 Internet message. Reply rankings in the province, deputy municipal leaders, mayor of Shaanxi city in Xi’an province this year has been 6 consecutive months ranked first in Henan Province, Party Secretary of Puyang ranked second, in August fourth ranked the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region mayor of Nanning in September to enter the top third ranking. County leaders in the top ten rankings, in addition to the 3 from Henan Province, the other 7 are all from Sichuan province. In addition, Chengdu occupies half of the seats in the top ten. September politics hot: launched the "Internet plus the mass line of the how to go visit large reports, covering Tianjin, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu province 10. In September 22nd, the people’s daily headlines published articles "930 thousand messages, write down questions" in the era, and the reporter version of the "net" exam ", a" four "" title, full reported around the Party cadres to practice the mass line net online. According to "local leadership message board" as the starting point, from the leading cadres on how to interact with people on the Internet, over how to handle the Internet message, netizens message about experiences from different angles, vividly show around the party and government cadres "net" practice the mass line network, and summarizes the "local leadership message board" for 10 years. "Local leadership message board" 10 anniversary of the seminar was held successfully, the relevant departments of the central leadership, some provinces and cities around the leadership, message handling work in charge of the leadership, experts and scholars, on behalf of users, more than 200 people attended the meeting, and focus on the reflection of public opinion, to respond to the concerns of the masses, promote problem solving "the theme of discussion. People’s daily, Xinhua news agency, the Central People’s broadcasting station, CCTV and other 16 news media and from the media conducted a live interview and news release. The message for the leaders and workers around the host of the meeting is also highly (strong, Gao Hongxia Lee: commissioning editor) original title: around September 2016 18 thousand leadership answer the demands of Internet users grew 25% October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) in September 2016, the country cities and counties three party)相关的主题文章:

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