September independent sales rose SUV strong products hold up half the sky – Sohu

In September the independent sales rose collective SUV strong products hold up half the sky – Sohu (the car Sohu auto Ma qian3) last August a strong return of the situation, Kim Gu in January, the independent brand rose sharply across the board, can be described as "full of color". What is the driving force of the independent brand into the carnival season? Bright results can continue? Auto City second tier camp star product strategy table is based on the data released by the association, the author statistics in September, the first ten independent brand sales list. Year on year increase (up to 120%) is the Shanghai automobile. Known as "the world’s first mass-produced Internet car Roewe RX5, listed two months orders to break 50 thousand, September sales of 13751 vehicles. Although more than 10 thousand of the monthly sales in the SUV segment has not yet been in the first camp, but such results are enough to allow SAIC passenger car to the shareholders of the first wave of suffering, such as the pain of confidence. "Roewe RX5 came out, I was relieved, this proves that our product strategy is right". SAIC Motor Company general manager Wang Xiaoqiu has been off the assembly line in September Roewe RX5 25000th Taiwan ceremony that Nanjing Pukou factory will be put into use in November. With the release of production capacity, SAIC passenger can rely on RX5 sales in the four quarter continued to rise? The result is not yet known. After all, with star models to build the market, not only saic. Guangzhou passenger car in September before the cumulative sales of 263158, an increase of 132%. Well behind the data, is also a burst models support. Trumpchi GS4 since listing it as a top student in sales ranking yuekao. In September, GS4 cumulative year-on-year growth rate of 282.2% in hot pursuit after Ever-victorious general Harvard H6, SUV sales in the second list, and the monthly sales of 34202 grades, GAMC sales in September accounted for 92% of the total. In September, the demand for GS4 has more than 50 thousand units, but due to capacity constraints can not meet the needs of all customers, other models are also affected by scheduling." In the days before the interview, GAMC deputy general manager Xiao Yong said, the GAC trumpchi capacity, to meet customer demand for GS4. Is to seize the immediate income or selling models, both product lines to pave the way for later, this is "choice trumpchi" must do. In addition to SAIC, GAC, the independent brand in the second camp, with the pillar products pulled sales brand is not in the minority. Chery in September fourth independent brand sales, new AI Ruize 5 with 14833 month sales contributed; Beiqi Saab X35 broken million sales for the first time in the field of MPV M30, winwon contributed 13858 sales for the Beijing automotive S3; refine the recent fluctuations in September, once again into the "twenty thousand club", occupy the Jac sales in September a full half of the country; terminals with preferential policy, Zotye T600 to 11885 units of sales accounted for auto sales in September 39%. As can be seen, even in the second tier camp, a strong product of its own brand has been recognized by the market. Among them, the main pillar of SUV new products.相关的主题文章:

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