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Seven year old telecommunications fraud was a lifetime savings of 158 thousand shorn of original title: Hunan seventy elderly telecommunications fraud was a lifetime savings of 158 thousand times cheated light JINGWAH (reporter Feng Huamei) recently, Heshan District of Hunan city in Yiyang Province, 71 year old aunt suffered telecommunications fraud, cheated 158 thousand yuan savings. At present, Yiyang City Public Security Bureau, Heshan District Branch investigation. Aunt Chen’s granddaughter Ms. Yao introduced in November 16th, Aunt Chen received a call that broadband telephone arrears 3000 yuan, consultation please press 1. Aunt Chen according to the prompts, claiming Shanghai Xuhui District business hall staff said, Aunt Chen opened a bank account in Shanghai, Xuhui District, arrears 3198 yuan. Did not go to Shanghai Aunt Chen said impossible, the other said it can help check. After a claim to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade captain said, Chen aunt identity theft, sold 12500 yuan, and relates to a money laundering case, amounting to millions of dollars, involving a total of more than and 100 people have been arrested, because Aunt Chen benefit 291 thousand yuan, to arrest the aunt seat the survey. Ms. Yao said, grandma heard to be taken away to panic, then follow the other instructions, put her there all the money from other banks, the bank to open an account, all the money saved in, and told the other bank card number and password. As Aunt Chen received SMS verification code on the phone, the other said the police sent the case on the number, and told her she could not and their children say, otherwise it will affect the development of civil servants law enforcement and case. 17, Chen aunt feel strange, ask the child to know whether the money laundering case, the children said they do not know. Later, aunt to the bank check, found 158 thousand yuan deposit only 25 Fen, after Aunt Chen in children accompanied by the reported case. Ms. Yao said, at present, the public security organs to check fraud 4 times first put the money to another bank account, and then put the money to a bank account. Publicity chief of the Political Department of the Yiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Heshan branch Chen said that at present the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigation, the latest case will be the first time to the public. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章:

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