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Seventy years and never gave news education on a fast track of development – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in November 15 Xinhua: seventy years never gave up and fast track the development of Journalism Education in new network reporter Guo set up communication and national governance of discipline construction team, communication data laboratory, carry out public opinion research base and think tank construction China, global image survey run workshops, organize students to media leaders…… Towards the 110 Anniversary of the founding of Jinan University, School of Journalism and communication, the school vice president Zhang Jinsheng recently said in an interview, in recent years, and journalism education is on the fast track of development, around the country and social needs, innovation, great reform. According to reports, news and education began in 1946, it is one of the earliest open China] do news education. 70 years, those generations of journalism, never gave up and made a great contribution to the prosperity and development of University news education. Today, the school of Journalism and communication and journalism schools ranked in the forefront, the media home and abroad graduates throughout the industry, especially in Southern China and Hong Kong and Macao, from the media to the general leadership, the editors and reporters, and a large number of graduates. The academy is known as the Chinese media "Whampoa  military academy". According to reports, in 1978, and in Guangzhou office complex, bringing together many from home and abroad, in the industry with rich practical experience of the famous old newspaper, plus and is located in Guangdong, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, open and relaxed economic and media environment, but also created the journalism education in the open and multi gene. In recent years, with the profound changes in the media environment, media, news media, journalism and communication, and increase the intensity of reform and innovation. In 2015, the school of communication and national governance subject group selected Guangdong province and high water university building 13 key disciplines of the group. "This group to young scholars, combined with the actual development of Guangdong province and the dissemination of news, we subdivide the entire group of subjects, take out the advantages of resources as much as possible, to make some useful achievements to promote social and economic development of Guangdong." Zhang Jinsheng said. He said that the future of the Institute of political communication and international communication research bigger and stronger. We have some of the better team and resources, hope that through collaborative innovation, the global public opinion, international communication this piece to make our own characteristics." Last year, the college "Chinese political discourse system to enhance international influence research", "Internet group communication characteristics, mechanism and theory of" two project to declare the success of national social science fund project, not only to achieve the hospital important breakthrough, but also among the best in the national press in colleges. Zhang Jinsheng believes that these two areas of research on the extension of the team to enhance the strength of the team has played a very good role in leading. At the same time, invested nearly 10 million yuan to build a large data laboratory JNU, communication. This is a new technology based on the platform, to create a positive public opinion research base, through collaborative innovation, cooperation with some universities Chinese border to carry out international public opinion research. Zhang Jinsheng revealed that the relevant research results next year相关的主题文章:

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