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Shanghai fixed electronic police capture car started using a mobile phone – Beijing said: the car hit a mobile phone by the electronic police capture as punishment basis. The police for map [Xinmin Evening?] Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter morning from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that from now on, the city’s fixed electronic police capture the illegal behavior began to answer the dialing a handheld phone while driving. In the future, based on the gradual popularization of HD monitoring equipment, in addition to driving a mobile phone, playing WeChat, eating, not wearing a seatbelt impede safe driving violations, will be gradually incorporated into the category of non site enforcement, "electronic police capture become the basis for punishment. According to reports, in order to further promote the traffic violations remediation, increase road traffic violations of non site enforcement deterrence, especially for "driving call answering handheld phone" seriously hinder safe driving illegal acts to intensify the crackdown, video image analysis, recognition of advanced techniques to search by science and Technology Department of Traffic Police Corps. The part of the "electronic police" the function of equipment development, the realization of "driving call answering handheld phone" illegal capture. Up to now, has been successful in this way than to capture the nearly 500 violations, artificial audit in the legitimacy of the illegal data after these violations will be illegal traffic input processing system. According to the provisions of the road traffic safety law, every violation will be punishable by 2 points, a fine of $200 penalty. For the public concern about the use of Bluetooth devices the phone will be captured, the police also answer morning. According to the opinion that road traffic violations and guide the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued the "2013" (a) (bus duct (2013) No. 128): clear the driver in the driving process by hand-held operating mobile phone calls or text messages, watch video, mobile phone software hand machine operation situation that is, driving a motor vehicle has a call, answer the phone for illegal acts; drivers using hands-free car phone, mobile phone or headset hands-free calls and does not affect the safety, do not answer the phone call, identified as illegal behavior. That is to say, using Bluetooth instead of the hand-held answering phone calls, not in the capture range. According to the police, at present, with the function of electronic police equipment about 70 units, mainly in the city part of the highway, urban expressway and Chen Hai Road, Shanghai Green Ping Road and other key sections. The next stage, the Corps will be based on the actual situation of other electronic police equipment gradually upgrade, to further expand the capture range. Xinmin Evening News chief correspondent Pan Gaofeng correspondent Li Hui相关的主题文章:

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