Shanghai medical the parties settled for a new net – cancellation

Shanghai "medical" parties revoke settled application – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shanghai on November 5th news (reporter Yang Jing) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that the people of Shanghai city human resources and social security bureau "in a personnel transfer who settled in the public list of report. According to regulations, from November 2nd, the City Council in conjunction with the relevant departments to report the situation began to review. Yesterday (4) afternoon, the parties put forward for personal reasons, voluntary revocation, settled in the written report. In view of the parties no longer apply to settle down, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has terminated the review procedures. Yesterday (4) afternoon evening, has been involved in "medical" parties Samuel a proposed "voluntary withdrawal" in the application, Shanghai city and Social Council has terminated the related review procedures. The cause of the incident source in Shanghai City People’s Insurance Bureau website publicity in October 24th "Shanghai residence permit" personnel for permanent residence in the city list, including a bid for the staff by the public to report, said a bid last year at the Shanghai International Peace Maternity and child health hospital on suspicion of "medical trouble", wounded doctors. In this regard, the public has to reflect the situation to the media and the social and social sectors, and that it is difficult to accept such people settled in Shanghai. Shanghai City, said through the official micro-blog @ Shanghai 12333 Response Agency Bureau in 2 a night the first time: after verification, Shanghai city "in turn" who settled in the list, according to the relevant district agency department audit materials submitted in accordance with the regulations, middle school teachers Bartholomew certain application materials, procedures are more real situation clearly, the city community sector will review the relevant circumstances.相关的主题文章:

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