Shanghai traffic regulation half effect of road traffic accidents dropped nearly 3 (video)

Shanghai traffic regulation half effect of road traffic accidents fell nearly 3 violations of road traffic of Shanghai large campaigns since March this year the bottom has been for half a year. Reporters learned yesterday from the public security traffic police department, six months, the city’s average daily congestion alarm, reporting illegal parking alarm were reduced by 0.69%, 5.15%, the effectiveness of large remediation has been shown. According to statistics, traffic regulation to carry out the past 6 months, the city’s total road traffic accidents to the general procedures applicable to processing a total of 381 cases, the death of 362 people, injured 125 people, the number of accidents, deaths and injuries, compared with the same period last year decreased by 27.84%, 15.22% and 48.77% respectively. Since March, the city’s daily congestion alarm, reporting illegal parking alarm were reduced by 0.69%, 5.15%. Municipal Bureau of public opinion survey showed that more than 90% of the respondents to support the traffic remediation. City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps captain Xing Peiyi said, half down, has achieved significant success, prominent violations of road traffic significantly reduced, road traffic order and appearance improved significantly, and gradually optimize the road traffic infrastructure, law-abiding consciousness and traffic civilization degree of the masses of the people to get a new upgrade, road traffic capacity improve traffic remediation has achieved good social effect and legal effect. Traffic regulation is not a gust of wind? This has been a matter of concern. In this regard, Xing Peiyi said: there is no time limit traffic remediation, only the beginning, not the end, until the rules, the atmosphere really stand up, trees." According to the traffic police department, during the traffic regulation, the designated yellow line in the city part of the main road on both sides of the edge of the paint, in violation of the ban on marking "severely punish illegal parking behavior, the effect is very good. In order to ensure that public transport priority, the police on illegal access to public transport lanes of social vehicles to enforce the law, the current bus lanes have been increased by 10%. At the same time, new technologies and new methods to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement by the police department also increase efforts to promote, for not wearing a seat belt, driving a mobile phone "is different from" red light "and other serious violations of the" illegal ", although the evidence more difficult, but the technology has been successfully achieved through the use of electronic means the police investigation". At present, the police also successfully using sonar technology combined with artificial way of law enforcement and illegal unit. Next, Shanghai will launch the "Shanghai traffic police" APP, integration of "illegal payment" and "illegal reporting" and other "palm function". In addition, known as the history of Shanghai, the most stringent traffic rules, Shanghai road traffic management regulations are also in the process of revision. In addition, in accordance with the police to follow the police situation to go, the arrangement of the police to guide the law enforcement. Traffic police in the city set up more than 3400 people traffic auxiliary police team, and the establishment of a unified, standardized traffic auxiliary police management system. Currently, the traffic police in the city has more than 1100 intersections and related sections of the road gradually assume command traffic, ease congestion and auxiliary law enforcement duties. The traffic accident black man was stopped by the police, surrender is still not escape, ending yourself (this video for extension) fingertips, at any time)相关的主题文章:

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