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[Shangrao] xtraordinary Taiwan on the beautiful sunset, Cijing should only be the sky – Sohu tourist trip to Shangrao, in Shangrao to shoot the film, in addition to the old Mr Xin Qiji praised the "Xinzhou spring", at sunset in Shangrao on the evening of Shangrao Yunbifeng Forest Park photographed that day and the gorgeous sunset. Because there is no direct flight to Shangrao, Chongqing, chose to turn from Hefei in the past. Early in the morning on the day of all the way quite smoothly, but to take a shuttle bus to the plane and found the ash machine stopped in Chongqing had yet to officially put into use the T3 terminal side of the airfield, far distance T2, spent nearly half an hour before the ferry is not successful, the natural law on time take off. Arrived in Hefei, just out of the airport to find a Hefei railway station south of the airport bus is about to start, to buy a ticket on the train, the enthusiasm of the driver pulled over a car, in the city of Hefei in the streets, drill alley, take us to check the appearance of the city of Hefei. We arrived at the rail station, I prepare change the train just out… And… The next bus is three hours later. No choice, in the south of Hefei waiting room waiting for more than three hours, I finally got on the train to Shangrao. Hefei to Shangrao that day, the weather is very good, I saw on the train outside the sky, feeling the sunset that night play. Just that night and about the local Shangrao an old friend together, so hurry up and friends, change all the plans that night. Under the train after the first pick has always been our teacher please leave, then in accordance with the recommendation of friends, hit a car to go to Shangrao Yunbifeng Forest Park. Yunbifeng Forest Park in Jiangxi province is located in the southeast of Shangrao City, adjacent to the Xinjiang River, across the river and across the city, is the only Forest Park Linjiang connected with the urban country. Because the river is located in the city of Shangrao, where it is overlooking the panoramic view of Shangrao and shoot the sunset, a good place to shoot the night. The winter sunset than summer long, long day arrived at the gate of Forest Park, friends also arrived, then non-stop walking up the hill, and finally in the sun reached the best place to beat the sunset: Yuk taiwan. Before the arrival of the first Taiwan Sau Park, after Chen said there is a tower upstairs copy of the bronze "Jiangnan ancient bell" Tianning clock, but our time is too tight, not carefully to see. Get the station not far from Chen tower, at a fork in the road along the first three steps slope down, and then go on to, about five minutes to arrive at the station xtraordinary. At the top of the table placed a xtraordinary copy of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze "Klitschko Ding", he Foshan Aishang 3.3 meters, weighing about 3.2 tons, is the white marble fence around his tripod around. A good friend said, Sau Taiwan is indeed a good place to shoot the sunset, we arrived at the station when the sun Yuxiu, is about to fall, the golden light in Xinjiang on the surface of the water, suddenly, the sky was dyed golden yellow, is like a golden sea surge high and sweep forward very beautiful and spectacular. Soon, the sun gradually turned red, the sky aglow, the.相关的主题文章:

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