Shanxi cracked the college entrance examination has been tampered with the case has occurred for 3 c yuria

Shanxi cracked "college entrance examination has been tampered with" the case for 3 consecutive years has occurred – the Sohu news CNR net Jincheng on August 28th news (reporter Bai Jiege) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the Shanxi Jincheng police announced this week uncovered two cases of college entrance examination has been modified case. So far, Shanxi has three consecutive years of college entrance examination candidates were students to change, leading to the impact of the incident. This year, two cases occurred in Jinzhou, Zezhou and Gaoping. Zezhou County, the first high school student Lee said in August 1st that his college entrance examination was tampered with, and there is no way to change back, leading him not to be admitted to their own school enrollment. The police after the online verification, analysis, and control of the lock 18 year old suspect Moumou, he is a native of Zezhou County, and the victim Lee is Zezhou county first middle school classmate. Police investigation showed that the suspect Moumou without consent, secretly using the victim Lee’s test number and password to log on to the Shanxi entrance examination network, modify Lee’s entrance examination. Lee was originally enrolled in the victim’s Daqing Normal University, although the college entrance examination scores reached the admission line of Daqing Normal University, but because the volunteer has been modified, can not be admitted. Another case is also between students. August 1st, Shanxi, Gaoping, Jincheng police received a report from Gaoping second high school students Wei, said his college entrance examination was maliciously tampered with others, resulting in not being admitted to Shanxi Medical University. Police control of the 19 year old suspect Wei Moumou, she is the victim of the Wei Wei Gaoping City, a secondary school students, the police investigation, the eve of the entrance of the college entrance examination on the eve of the two people because of trivial conflicts. Wei Moumou suspects secretly use the victim accidentally leaked test number and password, log on to the Shanxi province entrance examination network, change the order of professional victims to provide the college entrance examination result, wie has not been admitted to Shanxi Medical University nursing professional. Shanxi police informed that more than two suspects Lee and Wei Moumou, because of alleged crime of destroying computer information system, Jincheng police have been taken criminal coercive measures, the case is being further processed. At the beginning of this month, Shandong college entrance examination students were tampering volunteer has aroused public concern, the affected students eventually was originally for Shaanxi Normal University and recovery of voluntary admission. As for Shanxi, the two affected students have not been recovered or compensated, Jincheng’s education sector today did not respond. Shanxi police also said that no further information can be provided, "there is no more complex factors, the case is very simple, but also a mischievous child. After all, young people make mistakes, no deeper background." Reporter inquiry found that Shanxi has at least three consecutive years of similar cases, 2014, Jincheng Fenghua school student Yim entrance was classmates modify volunteer, she had no cause for admission to Career Academy in Shanxi economic and trade. Jinzhong County, Pingyao candidates Liang Jipeng was also changed to volunteer students, was not admitted to Shihezi University. 2015, Shanxi, Wanrong and other places, also occurred.相关的主题文章:

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