Shanxi to send officials into the enterprise zero distance – helping

Shanxi to send officials into the enterprise "zero distance" – helping Beijing new network in Taiyuan in September 12, (Fan Lifang) 12, Shanxi Province, thousands of cadres into the enterprise service mobilization and training conference held in Taiyuan. According to the arrangement, in mid September, after the training of thousands of cadres will be in-depth 3454 companies for a period of two months of service, as far as possible to help enterprises solve the problem of restricting its development. The current Shanxi, facing downward pressure on the economy. How to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to promote the growth of industrial economy into the channel? At the beginning of September, Shanxi Province issued the "thousands of cadres into the enterprise service plan", decided to start from September to mid November 15th, selected 10712 political quality, the level of policy, understand the economy, enterprises are familiar with the work of cadres, the formation of the province into the enterprise service team to focus on the province’s 3545 large-scale industrial enterprises into the enterprise service. The services include cadres to understand the business development status, difficult problems, promote the government’s corporate benefits policies and measures, will bring up the demands of the enterprise, the way to solve the problem with it, to help enterprises to start new projects, to promote the development of enterprises, and strive to achieve the "three enterprise by one down (by revenue, profit, and cost reduction, increase stamina)," to reduce security tasks (coal production capacity to reduce production, protect economic growth). In two months, to solve all the problems of the enterprise, it is true, it is not possible, we have to seize the main contradiction for the enterprise to solve the outstanding problems of the one or two." Shanxi Provincial Committee and vice governor Fu Jianhua stressed the need to adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the development and service consciousness, the role of enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, promote enterprise innovation driven development and transition, for the gradual recovery of the economy, the second half of the year in the first half of the year. In fact, in addition to the enterprise ‘zero distance’ help enterprises, the official is the selection of senior management of coal enterprises to enter the university to receive professional training." Concerned about the long-term economic development of Shanxi Shanxi University of Finance and Economics professor Wei Hulin said in an interview with reporters, the economic development cannot do without talent, "the government wants to interact via officials, enterprises and universities, colleges and universities to solve the disjointed market, so as to form a normal mechanism for personnel training, to help Shanxi out of economic dilemma." The meeting pointed out, to carry out thousands of cadres into the enterprise services, is a concrete manifestation of the transformation of government functions, improve the work style of cadres; cadres into the enterprise to be able to help enterprises solve the problems and promote development. At the same time, according to the work discipline, into the enterprise cadres are not allowed to increase the burden on enterprises, enterprises are not allowed to entertain and gifts, do not engage in formalism. (end)相关的主题文章:

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