Shanxi will start innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities to allow ad 3edyy

Shanxi will start on innovation and entrepreneurship education reform allows adjustment of academic process of Shanxi daily news (reporter Yang Wen) in the future, our province university students age will be relaxed, allowing adjustment process, retain the school academic school of innovation and entrepreneurship; college students entering the Venture Park can be considered to participate in the study, training and practice of education according to the time, and included in the credit the relevant provisions…… October 8th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments, the deepening of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanxi province education reform program has been officially issued this year to start a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Colleges and universities. By 2020, the province will establish a sound system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, significantly improve the quality of personnel training, students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial capacity will be significantly enhanced. "Plan" clearly, the province will implement the annual report of college graduates employment quality system, strengthen professional assessment, improve discipline warning, to withdraw from the management, explore new structural adjustment to establish a training system of demand oriented discipline structure and employment oriented talents, promote the talent cultivation and the development of economy and society, employment demand closely docking. Colleges and universities should actively use information technology analysis, analysis of different students’ learning needs and rules, provide more variety of educational resources to support the students according to their own characteristics and development interests, choose the path of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, "plan" requirements of the University Building University Science Park, students Pioneering Park, business incubators, Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, providing free or low-cost production premises, financial support, technical guidance and business incubation services for college students. At the same time, but also to encourage social forces to build science and technology business incubator, multi-creation space innovation service platform, to provide entrepreneurship training, counseling, consultation, site and shared facilities and other services for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, reduce business costs, promote college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. In this regard, the province will implement the project to enhance the innovation ability of college students, "13th Five-Year" period to support the selection of 1000 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects and about 500 graduate education innovation project. The program requires colleges and universities to establish and improve the system of innovation and entrepreneurship credit accumulation and conversion, to explore the students to carry out innovative experiments, published papers, patents and independent entrepreneurship and other cases converted to credits. Students who enter the business incubation base or entrepreneurial park entrepreneurial students, the time to enter the base of entrepreneurship can be considered as the time to participate in learning, training, practice education, and credits are included in the relevant provisions. The implementation of flexible educational system, broaden students age, allowing adjustment process, retain the school academic school of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial students can be determined according to the business needs and the school life consultation, handle the relevant procedure.相关的主题文章:

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