Share auction an antique world must not miss the

Share auction a curio field must not miss the experience of some joking operators antique three years is not open, open to eat for three years, "opening for three years" is somewhat exaggerated, but the antique market is indeed different in other industries. Library pat, an innovative sharing auction platform good things can not find a good buyer, or inexperienced buyers do not know how to Amoy to the valuable treasure. Base shoot, an innovative share auction platform, to the traditional business model of the antique industry has injected new vitality, here, buyers can bid with cheap Jianlou, earn commissions, participate in the auction enthusiasm, sellers do not wait for your home treasure, only need to auction online, mobile phone can watch online buyers bargain, the end of the auction, the artifact found someone. The bid commissions earned, participate in the auction the enthusiasm of the end of the auction, the artifact found during the eleven yuan holiday Ma Cooper recommended treasure, thousands of onlookers, 100 minutes asking price, turnover, market lore, if we can congratulate you in the film field on the price, really lucky, not only Mr. Ma recommended the auction, the auction for other friends also stunned onlookers. Ma Bao recommended this is just the beginning, after he called you to play to make art, Cooper and big moves. On October 15, 2016, Cooper APP together Shanghai antique business association held a share auction at the beginning of experience to start the meeting minutes if you want to experience the lore of pleasure, if you want to insert the antique wings on the Internet, share auction, never missed a curio field experience.相关的主题文章:

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