Sheenah Jiang Yiyan Karen Mok to return to sell adorable understanding tears.-puritans pride

Sheenah Jiang Yiyan Karen Mok to return to sell tacit adorable tears Sina entertainment news this Friday, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" exciting content will be broadcast last stop in Xinjiang, came to the desert of the endless wilderness, the stars open the collective cool pack handsome, with a handsome appearance in overalls, the goddess of beauty and cry "and" a handsome without pressure switch between the two states of the sky ". In the program, all the guests on the last leg of the journey that one last time unable to part, two groups, Sheenah and Jiang Yiyan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] for this love to kill the cherry sisters in Xinjiang finally fit, exciting they will produce what kind of unique chemical reaction. The stars of the handsome debut of Jingjing to return to lead tears in this program, all the guests came to the fruit fragrance, flying sand and rolling pebbles of the Xinjiang desert, the male gods goddesses are a handsome racing debut, in the vast desert, long haired goddess who don’t have a style. According to Wang Han, their location is not only on the Silk Road Road, and then the west old haunt, a gust of wind blown sand sky, Sheenah shouted: "funny wind, a monster!" The side of Karen Mok [micro-blog] is "Terrier": "would like to!" If a, it felt a tear, years ago, the "Westward Journey" is still visible before the eyes cause people unlimited reverie. A racing team will appear to the people back to reality, wild sand and the roar of the convoy, suddenly let the adrenaline, the guests were eager for a fight, can not help but want to go racing style. Xi Mengyao was lucky to find the "old driver" and "Cherry sisters" will fit all the guests to ride off-road racing into the Kumtag Desert, experience the extraordinary desert journey. Off-road vehicles speeding in the vast sea of sand, all the guests enthusiastic response, someone hooked, there is some fear. Always timid afraid to ask the driver side Ming Xi, whether there is a rollover accident, the driver heard the answer he had never had such an accident when she was relieved, said: "fortunately, found an old driver". While Sheenah and Jiang Yiyan than the driver handsome index, she said: "my car driver visual is the most handsome!" Jiang Yiyan put the intercom directly to the driver next to the mouth, driver domineering response: "I strongly disagree!" It seems the cherry sisters "although the same as the blue team members at the last station of Xinjiang to complete the" fit ", but still can’t avoid bickering habits, two people back and forth, and understanding and lovely. The last station of Xinjiang guests firepower, colorful, exciting and fun project too busy to attend to all, the blue and red teams will also have cooperation and confrontation like? Please pay attention to this Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "we are coming". (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章:

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