Shi Jun Hilary Trump sent assists Wall Street Meng

Shi Jun: Hilary Trump sent assists Wall Street Meng client view the latest quotes a wonderful novel, usually has a bizarre plot, but the reality is often stranger than fiction. Presumably no one has been more deeply aware of the correctness of this sentence than Hilary. As the president of the FBI, but with extreme ease, Hilary announced the resumption of mail investigation, all of a sudden, Trump quickly narrow the gap with Hilary, the election results in increased uncertainty, because of Trump’s attitude of monetary policy towards radical policy tightening, therefore the probability of Barack Trump increased, the Wall Street appeared some panic the dollar index, and stocks under pressure, gold long positions increased. Data on Friday showed U.S. third quarter GDP growth of 2.9%, the growth rate reached more than two times in the second quarter. However, positive data followed by the mail on Friday the United States that cover the incident, fell sharply, 99 local high mark to become the United States that. November is about to start, at the end of the year a number of risk events have begun intensive debut, the U.S. election countdown stage, before the election, the market will usher in a super week. Manufacturing data, all important countries and regions of the euro area and the Canadian GDP data, U.S. durable goods orders data, Canada and New Zealand employment data, U.S. payrolls data and other heavy data have been published in this week, and in the important data gathered this week, the Bank of Japan [micro-blog], the Australian Federal Reserve, the Bank of England with the Federal Reserve, the four central bank interest rate decision will be announced, the excessive concentration of risk events, so this week’s operation, mainly to short-term thinking. The days following the eurozone October consumer price index, the euro zone’s third quarter GDP data, the U.S. personal consumption expenditure price index and the U.S. October Chicago purchasing managers index and the October Dallas fed manufacturing activity index. Operation: Gold: gold on Friday to test 1284 near record highs after the October 4th crash, while 1275 breakthrough means that the gold rally further target 1300 test. Four hours from the graph, the days of gold retracement, below 1272.5 as the four hour chart support, need to confirm the validity of gold retracement after the break, after days of testing will be stabilized, again into more than one gold opportunity. The Australian dollar Australian dollar in the United States to go on Friday was dropping to below 0.7560, but then the United States that fell sharply, the Australian dollar in daily also regained support position 0.7580. From the four hour chart, the Australian dollar stabilized after today’s small upward trend, the overall trend continues to be maintained at 0.7580-0.7640. Short term can be 0.7580 to do more, stop 0.7555, target of 0.7620, 0.7640. After the U.S. dollar on Friday Chonggao, although failed to hold the 1.3400 mark, but in the daily, the United States and Canada failed to change the weak upward pattern, last week’s five trading days, Canada or rose slightly, or recorded.相关的主题文章:

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