Sichuan police cracked the case of a series of cases involving infringement of public funds of more

Sichuan police cracked the infringement of citizens’ information series of funds involved in the case of more than 100 yuan – Beijing new network in Mianyang in August 25, (Yang Yong Xie Zhigang) 25, reporters from Sichuan Mianyang police that the Public Security Bureau of Mianyang City Youxian District Bureau successfully cracked the governor of the infringement of citizens’ personal information, destroyed a series of case "the sale of personal information crime chain, 19 suspects were arrested, and seized a total of personal credit report and other personal information of citizens of more than 200, more than 100 yuan in the capital. In November 2015, the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Youxian District branch network security brigade police at sea road Brown Youxian district set up to carry out security checks, found a Citroen car to avoid checking suspicious appearance and movements, the suspect, the police then asked the car to stop for inspection. Subsequently, the police in the trunk of the car found a suspected pseudo base station equipment for sending text messages, and the scene Danghuo suspects laimou. Preliminary investigation found that Lai is a small loan company in Mianyang sales manager, monthly income is considerable. Police immediately launched a survey of Lai Lai, found that in addition to personal information of citizens will be purchased to provide free of charge to subordinates, relatives for promotion of small business loans, will also be part of the information sold. In the police fixed the relevant evidence after the arrest of alleged violations of personal information of citizens laimou implementation, and in the use of mobile phone and computer laimou found to contain name, ID number, phone number, home address and other personal information of citizens in 3288 groups. In the trial, laimou confessed his purchase of personal information of citizens for resale, the fact that the customer development. According to an account, he is through the micro channel called a "data sales center" of users purchased the "credit list". December 14, 2015, the police will be in Chengdu to buy credit list suspects arrested chen. After the trial, Chen for the purchase of personal information of citizens in somewhere Lai confessed. In order to identify the source of information, the police identified one of the Lai Lai Hunan ryu. January 5, 2016, Liu was arrested in Hunan. After the assault trial, Liu explained that during the period from July 2015 to January 5, 2016, Liu through WeChat, QQ, e-mail, Alipay and other Internet tools to sell or purchase a personal credit report and other personal information of citizens amounted to 43 million, profit 32 yuan. Moreover, Liu’s downline reached more than and 400, that is, Liu will be sold to the information of the people of the more than and 400. From Liu, laimou to start, the police task force on the line of layers of tracing, after Jiangxi, Shandong, Hunan, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan and other more than and 10 provinces and cities nationwide, which lasted 40 Yu Tian successfully captured Shandong, a bank staff Ding Mou 19 people, destroyed the sale of a personal credit report to the bank the bank staff Ding as the source of the crime chain. At present, the 19 suspects arrested are transferred to the prosecution, the case is under further digging. (end)相关的主题文章:

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