Since October, a number of new regulations to implement the case of WeChat circle of friends to do

Since October, a number of new regulations of evidence – WeChat circle of friends do criminal information Beijing, Beijing on 27 September, (Han Jiahui) WeChat circle of friends and other electronic data evidence to criminal cases; test the implementation of the new regulations, "after the first school to pay tuition fees, two subjects three subjects can be taken together; divorce judgment not open access; promote the" five one, according to a code registration system reform in the country…… October 1st will be a number of new regulations will be implemented, how do you affect my life? Comprehensively promote the "five one", to reduce the burden on enterprises and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of human resources and social security, the National Bureau of statistics, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office and other five departments jointly issued the day before on the implementation of the "Office of the State Council on accelerating the" five one "registration notice" system reform, accelerate "five one, according to a code of reform, to ensure the implementation of the country since October 1st. According to the notice, in the enterprise and farmer cooperatives "three certificates, as a basis of a code on the full implementation of the" five card one, according to a code registration mode, the integration of social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate, business license, legal person and other organizations to load a unified code of social credit issued by the administrative department of business, social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate will no longer be issued. After the reform, enterprises apply for registration, the original license expires, apply for registration of change or apply for the renewal of the business license, business license issued by the registration authority in accordance with the law, the renewal of the uniform code loading. For those who have received social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate of the enterprise, no longer the original social insurance registration certificate and registration certificate. Before January 1, 2018, according to the original issuing valid business license, loading the uniform code shall be used after the end of the transition period, non renewal of the license is no longer valid. Cancel the regular verification of social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate and replacement system, the original verification and renewal requirements submitted by the enterprise matters after integrated into the corporate annual report, by the companies to submit annual reports and publicity to the community. Test the implementation of the new regulations, after the first school tuition paid by the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" will be put into practice on October 1st. The new outline and make new adjustment on the part of the vehicle training hours, driving test fee charging mode, training mileage etc.. The new syllabus stipulates that the total hours of C1 card and C2 card were 62 hours and 60 hours, respectively, compared with the original requirements of less than more than and 10 hours. Each class is 60 minutes, of which the effective teaching time shall not be less than 45 minutes. The time for each class and the actual operation time of each student shall not exceed 4 hours per day. Since October 1st the driving test will be the implementation of "first training fee" mode. In the course of an examination before the students do not pay any fees, the subject of an examination of qualified students, and through the registration platform after successful registration, and then select the class and pay. Driver training fees are divided into 5 categories, which are related to service fees (including material fees, personal accident insurance premiums, fees, etc.) training theory knowledge of driving simulation training fees, foundation and driving training in field,.相关的主题文章:

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