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"Snail" open universe: original adaptation and netizen case race [Abstract] although Wang Kai still handsome and professional, but if there is "love" on the snail focus has not been Wang Kai Yan value belt running deviation, the focus remains in the case of reasoning. "Snail" director if love _09 open universe snail > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "if love" snail entertainment Zhuangao Wen Yang Tencent Hu Mengying the sheep "if snails have love" (hereinafter referred to as the "snail") the most touching thing is criminal drama can finally see the reasoning process not all by imagination and intuition; as a "criminal occupation drama" we can finally see the professional spirit: the police confiscated the scene before the mobile phone; to bring gloves, foot cover; even the police can find that the middle of the night; finally both fear and can’t wait to burn the brain to explore the truth of happiness; love at the same time finally is the biggest thing male and female, two men and two women are also professional mental feelings of mature adults, there is no reason not clear the idea of emotional entanglements, The police can have a lot of time can be used to concentrate on case reasoning. "Suspense" and yet "sweet pet" style, people can not help but want to open "money to the director zhou". In fact, if the "snail has love" before he came in the open universe ", please try to have closed in" sweet "pet suspense style". The so-called "sweet pet suspense" refers to the integration of the "love + adventures" elements, different from the traditional romantic idol drama and detective drama. But his first attempt was not successful, 100% to restore the novel even let him slightly embarrassed situation. Although there are related to the "young Split case" hardcore cases, but the user focus of Wallace Huo is still a 1.7CM long eyelashes, few people talk about suspense and drama. Wallace Huo later in the interview, the director Zhou also open friendly reminder: "we play this (referring to" here he eyes ") for pure detective fans, they may be in the wrong hole, carefully into the pit." But this time is not the same, detective fans please rest assured pit! Although Wang Kai is still handsome and professional, but if there is "love" on the snail focus has not been Wang Kai Yan value belt running deviation, the focus remains in the case of reasoning: from the first episode Wang Kai receives a mysterious note: "Lang has not, to" gold Python Burma to stir the Cobra awakening Lin City, leaf precarious, suggesting that the same cautionary rhetoric general clues and ultimate fate. At the same time, the forum also posted a variety of social media in the media caused a universal reasoning. "Snail" adaptation "is a case of the race with friends of the snail" a total of 21 sets a total of 630 minutes, full shot more than three months, after Kunming, Burma during the Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and other places, traveled more than half of Burma. The entire shooting process is basically a day in a variety of scenes, rarely have the opportunity to shoot in the same scene for more than a day. But now recall the filming process, open universe still feel time too hasty, if more time is good". An aerial view of the Golden Temple in Burma back to the beginning, "snail" is going to become a what kind of shooting.相关的主题文章:

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