Sources said Erie is actively taking measures to counter the good news coming soon wetnwild

Said Yili is actively take countermeasures to the good news soon hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money for the sunshine insurance placards, Yili opened on Monday emergency suspension. Related media reports, Erie is actively taking measures to counter, and soon there will be good news. The evening of September 18th, Yili emergency announcement, said the company is Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited placards. The latter through its two companies, has held a total of 5% of the shares of Erie, Erie among the top third shareholders. Although the sun insurance in protest after the Erie, "said public statements do not take the initiative to become the Erie shares the first big shareholder" and "in the next 12 months, but not overweight Yili" with "Wan dispute" warning, Yili still choose to suspend. Sunshine insurance bursts of two official statement said, "do not take the initiative to seek commitment to become the Erie shares of the largest shareholder, and is no longer within the next 12 months, and holdings of Yili" called "the above commitments are not because of any relevant changes, not because of market changes and some excessive interpretation". However, sunshine insurance group’s official statement is still difficult to completely dispel the doubts of the outside world. Select the announcement placards Yili in the Mid Autumn Festival, still let the industry feel suddenly. China Dairy Association Secretary General Gu Jicheng said in an interview with reporters, "Chinese dairy now facing pressure is great, the industry is in the process of transformation and upgrading, facing the shift of economic growth, structural adjustment pains and early input" digestion period three overlay. Because of China’s milk production cost is high, the industry chain of dairy farmers, small and medium-sized enterprises, weak anti risk ability, to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry and the industrial chain, need to have the queen of these industry leading enterprises." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards that Yili Valley, inherited the Secretary General believes that "dairy companies, is to develop better and faster with the help of social capital. If the dairy industry leading enterprises as a springboard for capital operation, is bound to damage the interests of dairy farmers, processing enterprises affected, thus affecting the healthy development of China’s dairy industry. China Dairy Association does not want to see this happen." The Secretary Chinese dairy industry association chairman Liu Meiju told reporters, "as China dairy industry leading enterprises, Yili Group contrarian growth in recent years, in 2015 more than 60 billion of the revenue, the global dairy ranking jumped eight, a record China Asia milk prices so far the highest ranking, become the leading dairy industry fully deserve Chinese enterprise, is considered an important indicator of China officially entered the global dairy powers and rewrite the global dairy pattern, and the Chinese dairy has more fully the right of discourse in the international dairy. Yili Group over the years of development, is in the enterprise and everyone for many years of joint efforts to achieve results." Talking about the sunshine insurance placards Erie issue, Liu Meiju believes that "in recent years, through a variety of different capital theory相关的主题文章:

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