South China Sea in the Philippines this reversal of all foreign forces to blow-sugus

The South China Sea Philippines this reversal to all foreign forces hit hard core tip: Mr. Li Wei, Philippines’s new president Duthel Te is a pragmatist, his political stand to reason the United States and Japan want to make trouble outside the country blended cut off. So in the South China Sea issue, China and Philippines will be more direct dialogue. Phoenix September 8th "phoenix" morning show, the following is the text: Yang Juan: we have a related topic commentator Mr. Li Wei to do further analysis, what do you think made this time ASEAN meeting? Li Wei: I think the outcome of this ASEAN summit is a turning point. You know, when Hilary as secretary of state, she is to promote her Asia to participate in the ASEAN summit, the United States to return to Asia policy, their fight is under the banner of the South China Sea is very tight, so we should be mixed together, if we do not mix the South China Sea to the South China Sea is China will engage in a complete mess. In fact, since the United States with the South China Sea issue since the South China Sea issue is more complicated, and there is no admixture used not to be so quiet now more complex, more chaotic mixing. But this time the president of Philippines has changed, and now the new president of Philippines, Duthel Te, has found the former president’s failure to deal with bilateral issues in the South China Sea and china. He felt that this has no meaning, the current president is a pragmatist, he said the real solution to the South China Sea issue, but also to talk with Chinese, called the United States to call to Japan is useless, useless, and called them to himself or Philippines, and that they should come forward to talk about my own. So this time, Philippines’s president, Duthel Te, told Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that he would like to further improve relations with china. Duthel Te’s political position, the United States and Japan want to make some countries in the region to mess up, it is not even the reason, the reason to cut off. Estimated in the South China Sea issue, the future of direct dialogue China and Philippines will all want to intervene in the South China Sea issue of foreign forces is a heavy blow, the days count, Philippines policy leaders for a change, I did not expect Philippines’s policy in the adjustment. Want to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let Xiaofeng Jun take you to walk along a small rear phoenix.  相关的主题文章:

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