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Student achievement is not considered invasion of privacy? Recently, Shandong Normal University Foreign Language Institute counselor Yang Sen at the grade, read the 2014 English majors all through this year in June, professional examination results of students in grade four. Many students believe that Yang Sen’s approach is defective, and the lack of respect for the privacy of students. Subsequently, a student in the QQ group, some students of Yang Sen’s practice of anonymous "condemnation", some people even use dirty words. Yang Sen know, addressed the students in a QQ group, also used some uncivilized words to scold (yesterday surging news). Yang Sen told reporters, according to the school regulations, every year the students of four grades were posted, and he considered that there are 24 unqualified students this time, in the hope to improve performance and protect students’ privacy, but he changed during the student conference read through student achievement did not post the public no, think about abuse. As a teacher, he felt very disappointed. There are many online users expressed their support for Yang Sen, also said, now the students not scold not, also announced a record about privacy, a heart of glass. But I think it is a bit strange, English four, six level of test scores, not already through the online inquiry way announced yet, how students learn their own achievements, but also with a "watch list" so the original way? If students can obviously self achievement, the school announced again, as if this is a make an unnecessary move; "practice", the school announced results of the purpose is not to inform, but to the so-called "incentive". However, not to mention college students, and now even the primary school students do not let the results published ah. Shanghai has been back in 2004 in the city of "protection of minors Ordinance" clearly stipulates that "no post ranking students’ test scores". In some developed countries and regions, academic achievement is purely student privacy. For example, in American universities, if teachers want to publication of the results, not the student name posted, instead of at most last student card number 4 letter. Japan’s public schools, regardless of scores, do not rank, the results are only their own thing. In France, only students and parents know their grades. As a result of the absolute privacy of students in Hongkong, protected by law, the school wants to disclose the results of students must obtain the consent of the students. Hong Kong Polytech University in 2007 more than 20 thousand students accidentally leaked transcripts, the school closed for the school email system, submit to the office of the Privacy Commissioner for the memo, and solemnly apologize to the students. Why do different places, as well as different people, for the privacy of student achievement, so different? I think this is because of the different educational systems and concepts, the results of the publication of the purpose, the views of a large difference. In fact, we used to say, "exam oriented education" or "only score theory", not only by teaching and examination to achieve, it also has a set of emotional management approach, called queuing publicity, in fact shame. This approach, not only incentive effect into doubt, but let students pay a heavy psychological price. However, the anonymity of the Internet, so that students can have the "vent" channel, and recrimination, now a campus of a scholar’s misbehaviour, wonders. However, the examination oriented education, students.相关的主题文章:

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