Su Kunhu era city rail line S1 start in December 3rd in

"Su Kunhu" rail era city S1 Suzhou section started in December 3rd from Suzhou, Kunshan, Shanghai connected the S1 rail transit planning debut, has attracted the attention of the general public. Which Shanghai and Kunshan docking has been completed. At present, Shanghai Metro Line 11 phase two extending north (Huaqiao section) has to pass from Kunshan, Huaqiao will take about 70 minutes to Xujiahui, don’t have to drive to the crowded high-speed road, you can easily to reach the destination. Kunshan also has the new bus docking subway station, take the bus to Zhouzhuang Shanghai people. If S1 really will be Suzhou and Kunshan together, then buddies will officially enter the "Su Kunhu" rail era city! The good news to the S1 rail line Suzhou section started in December 3rd and is expected to be completed in December 31, 2021. Small Qiazhiyisuan, start by the end of this year’s 2016, 2017, 2018…, 2019, 2020, 2021, it takes a full five years of time… This is a long wait; it is a bright wait! Because Suzhou and Kunshan will usher in a new "link" in 2021 to sit directly! The subway to go to Shanghai! I couldn’t imagine! You can take the subway, easy to reach another city. The S1 line is really not easy! These words across Suzhou, docking Shanghai rail line, created the Suzhou rail construction history first, soon to find out! The total length of the length of the S1 line S1 line: S1 line west Yiting Road station, HuaQiao Railway Station East, walk into something in Kunshan City, about 41 km, the 28 stations, including 5 transfer stations. S1 line in the territory of Kunshan length: about 36 km, all underground, a total of 26 stations, the average station spacing of 1.38 km. S1 Line No. 28 site Yiting Road Station – Hunan Station – Yang Cheng Yujia lights Station – Yang Cheng Hu Railway Station suburban Lianhu Park Station – Zuchongzhi Road Station – Cultural Arts Center Station – Hong Qi Road station, Lucheng Road station, White Road Station – Yushan Square Station – Zhujianglu Road Station – Heilongjiang Road station, Qingyang Road Station – smoocess Road Station – Jinsha River Road Station – Dongting Lake Road Station – Financial Street Station Road Station – Times Building – station – Honghu Road Station – HuaQiao Railway Station station Chengtie Guang Xia Lu Lujia station and Exhibition Center Station – West Ring Road Station – Huaxi Park Station – HuaQiao Railway Station which, in addition to small blue "Yi Ting Lu station Yang Cheng, Hunan station in the park, the other 26 stations in Kunshan. From the station Yujia lights began to enter Kunshan. S1 line 5 transfer station Yiting Road Station of Suzhou Metro Line 3 HuaQiao Railway Station – transfer station of Shanghai Metro Line 11 station transfer station Times Building – S1 regional transfer station Zuchongzhi Road Station – S2 transfer station Yushan Square Station of Kunshan K1 line transfer station you think, S1 in Yiting Road Station on the line to No. 3 HuaQiao Railway Station in Shanghai docking line, line 11, and line 11 of Shanghai through Disneyland. In Yiting Road station, see Suzhou rail line 3 Suzhou rail line 3 through the Suzhou high tech Zone, Wuzhong District Industrial Park, Suzhou District, 4 administrative districts, starting in Suzhou hi tech Zone Shanghai Nanjing high-speed rail!相关的主题文章:

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