Sun Zhongshan reorganized the overseas Freemason, became the party predecessor of today sexinse

Sun Zhongshan reorganized the overseas Freemason, become today the party predecessor [Abstract]1880 years ago, around the world who are overseas Chinese place, have a name not the freemason organization, overseas Chinese have participated in nine in ten. They are "Chinese Freemasons" nature of the Chinese mass organizations, through mutual aid, unite. Note: the suffering of Chinese "Xiaozhuang Freemason brother" Sun Zhongshan was familiar with the overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese society, has repeatedly went to the United States to promote the revolutionary ideas to the overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese to get the economy to support the revolution. He deeply felt the vast number of overseas, especially many members of the organization Hongmen is rich in revolutionary potential, can be used as one of the revolutionary force. The Hongmen is "anti fuming" in the early Qing Dynasty appeared for the purpose of the folk secret organizations, such as the triad, the elder brothers, triads, knife etc.. In the middle of the nineteenth Century, the Qing government suppressed the Taiping rebellion. At the same time, the organization also suppressed Freemason, many revolutionaries Freemason to gain a foothold in China, have been forced to leave the hometown, living overseas. Some to Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada and other countries have to go to America, was abducted as "contract labour", as the "pig" is sold, most in the United States, to repair the railway, gold digging, exploitation and oppression of racial discrimination. In order to survive and fight, they use the form of domestic Hongmen organizations together. After 1880, all the local overseas Chinese around the world, are not a Freemason organization name, overseas Chinese have participated in nine in ten. They are "Chinese Freemasons" nature of the Chinese mass organizations, through mutual aid, unite and help solve the difficulties in work and life of overseas chinese. At the beginning of twentieth Century, the congregation has more than 200 thousand members. According to Liang Qichao, the "new continent" journey to a book about America, Freemason organization is one of the larger, more abundant strength. Sun Zhongshan to Honolulu in January 1904. In order to launch a revolution and the Hongmen who participate in the transformation of the organization become the freemason revolutionary forces, in January 11th of that year, Sun Zhongshan joined the freemason Hall (national security membership roster has been preserved in Honolulu Guoan hall). He joined the freemason leader and congregation was inspired, as a Freemason award, in addition to a warm welcome, Sun Zhongshan also awarded the prestigious post of "Hong stick" ("Hong stick" for the director of discipline in senior positions), we enthusiastically called him "brother hongmen". Situ Meitang (1868-1955) is the leader of great influence Zhi Gong Tang, became one of the founders of the party China. In October 1954 he wrote "foreign history and the new situation" Hongmen it in an article said: "in 1904 second Sun Zhongshan went to the United States," Hongmen brother "identity bestir a Freemason, has about 200000 members to the enthusiastic support of America, to take the road of Hongmen bourgeois democratic revolution." Hongmen Zhigong Tang turned in March 1914, Sun Zhongshan traveled to San Francisco and met with the freemason organization leader Huang Sande et al. In order to change the "constitution of Hongmen organizations obsolete, organized" situation, he in May of that year, officially to the freemason organization put forward the reform, rectify the Zhi Gong Tang Jian)相关的主题文章:

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