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Suqian a residential placement new crack in official: no quality problems found to move into the new building in rural small cottage, for Jiangsu Shuyang County Mao Wei Xiang Kou village farmers, originally is a happy thing. However, due to the decoration of occupancy, housing cracks, leaks and other quality problems have become a lingering pain in their hearts. Even Japan, Jiangsu Shuyang County Mao Wei Xiang million hectares of fertile farmland project resettlement of residents to reflect surging news, they just got hands near the placement of the housing found many cracks, cracks and some 3 meters long, 3 cm deep place serious. In this regard, the construction unit Jiangsu three good Construction Co., a surname project official said in response to surging news, according to their investigation, at present only 2 sets of housing cracks, roots in a "tight", the cement floor is not fully solidified to construction. In November 25th, Mao Wei Shuyang County township party secretary Shi Jianjun on surging news said, according to his understanding, "only a crack, the crack is hair wide, which belongs to the surface normal telescopic joint". How to deal with the cracks in the house? Shi Jianjun said that the housing did not find quality problems, how to deal with". Some residents do not sleep in the shack Ning local villagers Jiang Yingjun told news reporters surging, at the beginning of 2016, Shuyang County Mao Wei Xiang to promote the relocation of million hectares of fertile farmland in Kou village, because the resettlement area has not yet been completed, the majority of farmers in the main house including him was removed. To this end, next to temporarily retained Pianfang, he put up shack with plastic film for the whole family to live. At the same time, in the resettlement area selected for resettlement housing delivery room. Jiang Yingjun said that his home sales area of 97 square meters in the resettlement area of Tang Lang Kou Tong Village 2 Building 3 layer selected a set of 102 square meters of the house, and invested 20 thousand yuan to buy a small two garage. From the beginning of January live in shacks, for nearly 7 months, in August this year, housing is finally delivered, one family has also ushered in the dawn of new premises. Jiang Yingjun said that in the process of renovation, he found a small crack in the living room ceiling cracks, to reflect the situation of the construction unit, the other timely rectification. But 2 months later, the new problem: when he floor brick, concrete floor and soft, let him on the quality of housing is "don’t trust", and to the 4 floor of households to see the living room floor, this one to see him in a cold sweat, the floor is discovered a length of about 2 meters of large joints, serious at the depth of 3 cm. Jiang Yingjun said, "did not think, just got the new house soon turned out to be dangerous". In November 25th, Jiang Ying Jun of the surging news reporter said, "this kind of dangerous, I can’t live in the snow, a few days ago, only with the whole family to sleep in a shack." Villager Tang Rongcheng also found a number of cracks on the floor. He told news reporters surging, the placement of the housing in the village building 1 Tang Kou 3, half a month after the launch in August, he found many cracks in the ceiling, but because only a small crack, plus the weather is gradually cool, the whole family decoration I stay. Now these cracks have been covered with decorative materials, but housing safety is still hanging in the head of the hidden dangers. Villagers Jiang Chao said the news of surging, his resettlement housing in Curtis Tong Village 1 Building 2 layer, and Tang Rongcheng.相关的主题文章:

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