Taiwan caused 26 dead bus fire incident or arson driver refused to open the door-lightscape

Taiwan bus fire incident caused 26 dead or the driver refused to open the door after Dutch act July 19th, a bus carrying tour, the tour bus in Taiwan Taoyuan shoulder hit the guardrail on fire. Multiple sources and media reports "Taiwan highway administration" refers to the accident, all 26 people on board were killed. Taiwan tourism authorities, Tourism Bureau confirmed that the 24 passengers on the train from the mainland of Liaoning tour, and another Taiwan driver, tour guide one person. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo Beijing, September 9, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that, Liaoning Tour "burning car" caused 26 deaths, the fire hazard identification report, Taiwan prosecutors recently investigated. It is understood that the prosecution and the fire almost eliminate electrical fire, the driver may still finds Su Mingcheng drunk himself, and then to gasoline arson caused the disaster. The prosecution may put Su Mingcheng homicide defendant and the prosecution case. During the investigation of the case, Taiwan prosecutors found Su Mingcheng to buy 5 bottles of gasoline evidence, of which two bottles in the driver’s seat, when drinking, analysis is in the stage from the mainland tourists shopping trips within two hours to get drunk on the road again. The investigators noted that the disaster for the whole car were killed, missing witnesses, monitor the freeways did not take the car, can only rely on the identified fragments together case, prosecutors and police admitted that the truth may be only 80% to one hundred percent reduction, reduction. Prosecutors and police investigation, Liaoning Dalian 24 tour, July 19th at noon on the rose stone transport tour bus, ready to go to Taoyuan airport flight home, 3 kilometers away from the airport, in the left front, began to smoke, hit the fence after the fire, tourists and driving, tour guides and other 26 people did not escape, many people in the security gate stack and the aisle too horrible to look at. Let’s find out Su Mingcheng Taoyuan prosecutors carry gasoline car, and he confirmed before driving mengguan wine, wine measured value of 1.075 mg of drunken degree. Prosecutors and police have recently received the fire department fire identification report, determine the cockpit is fire point, in the two step the driver’s side aisle have collected gasoline, forensic staff can not find the unique bead wire short circuit fire phenomenon, almost eliminate electrical fire accident, and Su Mingcheng had called a friend complained was sentenced to 5 in the years, and remains high alcohol concentration, the whole case to Su Ming lead gasoline also refused to open the door before the Dutch act, and let the car unable to escape. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章:

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