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Taiwan TV: "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and then received 1.07 imperial harem The Legend of Zhen Huan Sina entertainment news last week, Taiwan announced the overall ratings, compared to last week’s little change, after all the major television stations or TV dramas have some fans and some replay TV is still achieved good ratings, such as "Taiwan drama series" Abba "desire, this week with 1.18 grades ending, and then file the" flower "is also a rainy night replay drama, the first week of 0.98; eight Taiwan Drama reruns of" concubines "is The Legend of Zhen Huan to close 1.07 points. Table 1: Taiwan eight files with the idol drama ratings ranking (September 12, 2016 -9 18) ranking TV television ratings note "Chunhua Wang Lu" 4.65 Taiwanese drama "sweet life from" three Taiwan 3.94 eight Taiwan "three vertical file" joking Taiwan 1.94 Taiwanese drama "Egret Heron desire" three Taiwan Taiwan 1.65 idol drama "the wolf Prince" 1.44 idol drama "my teacher call" from the 1.31 idol drama "flying fish" three college students will set the 1.27 idol drama "three women" Abula FTV 1.25 idol drama "joking" (Taiwan holiday version) three Taiwan 1.21 Taiwanese drama "Abba the three Taiwan 1.18 wishes" file seven note: idol drama including broadcast Friday and Sunday at ten o’clock in the evening after the TV series. (A Mu)相关的主题文章:

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