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Tan salt won the "Hello! Goddess" champion Wang Sicong sharp comment – Beijing, Wang Sicong and the five goddesses winning Beijing November 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) the evening of 1, the reality show "Hello!" the goddess Festival debut in Beijing ended successfully, the nine goddesses in 33 groups in the form of talent finally, the popularity of competition, the highest value Tan salt became a national championship, won the $10 million fee. Wang Sicong also attended the rally, and the entire process reviews, sharp and humorous. In building the "national goddess" purpose, "Hello! Goddess" since its launch, the program form, guest lineup aspects of the elaborate design, from EQ, IQ, Yi Yan, courage, life skills, talent and other aspects of comprehensive training of the sisters, fully tap the potential of goddess. Today, the nine goddesses in front of the camera has been able to cope, the talent show is easy. Champion Tan Yanyan in the evening for the debut show, Chen Haipei, small Lei and Cao Wanjin common interpretation of fashion "I Really You" Like tracks; Tan salt salt "," crisscross streets Lin "Castle" Evan Bayh and Li Linyu "Dr.jolin" three dance skewers, showing three different styles of sexy, once will push the atmosphere to a climax, received favorable comments from the media review; and Jiang Xuefei, Chen Shujun, Li Yuanyi’s "Dear Future Husband" show scene sweet, filled with pink fantasy, let the audience see. That night, had personally went to four cities, 10 strong selection of witness the birth of the goddess Wang Sicong, also came to the debut of the festival site, the whole performance reviews and picked a goddess, the goddess of direct debut. Look at the face of the lens also slightly astringent girl, now morphed into a mature national goddess, Wang Sicong is also feeling a lot, "I was thinking, such a high intensity training, to these young girls, will not be too cruel, but want to success is always hard to eat, this is also a kind of exercise." Wang Sicong "strength to sing" Zhang Jie, "variety small king" Zhang Dada, "musical genius" of Liu Xin to the guests to help out the debut, the audience burst. In addition to music and entertainment, the three guests at the scene to encourage the goddess who stick to their dreams, Zhang Jie sincere to the goddess who said: "to maintain self-confidence, do not disturb by rumors, stick to their dreams, will be successful." In addition, from the beginning of the conference, "Hello goddess" is very concerned about public welfare undertakings, had promised to vote for every vote for the goddess who donated a penny for the construction of poor mountain schools." At present, the "Hello goddess" the first "dream classroom" has been completed in Qinghai province chase Ma Ma central school. That night, the scene played a show of children in the school of Qinghai Ma Ma VCR, dream classroom after the completion of the children through the network, enjoy the world outside the mountain. (end)相关的主题文章:

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