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Beware of the world’s ten most expensive Pure Malt Whisky "" "" ""! These things may be toxic in the kitchen! "" "" "" "" "Scotland single malt whisky is the most pure and most numerous living beings in a brighter color, inheritance brewing distillation process for hundreds of years, and has no time in oak barrels transfer accomplished single malt precious. As a result of the success of many competing collections of liquid gold, the spirit of "not the best, only the most expensive" principle, today to recommend the world’s ten most expensive pure malt whiskey bar. 1 Springbank 191950 Year 1919 Old cloudtop (price equivalent to about 500 thousand yuan RMB) from Scotland’s Genting winery Camelton (Campbeltown) region, the famous Genting was a long-term holder of the world’s most expensive whisky distillery is the record of Guinness, ever the most rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky brewed in 1919, only 24 bottles. In 1970 the world whisky bottling, above suspicion doubt in the museum a precious historical relics, in the UK after tax price of up to 50 thousand pounds. 2 Macallan 192850 Year 1928 Old Macallan (market price of about 59 thousand yuan) Macallan is known as "whiskey in Rolls-Royce" (Highland) is the one of the most successful whisky distiller. In 1983 when the first release of only about 50 pounds, the number of bottles, alcohol is 38.6, lower than the standard number of single malt whisky of 40%. But with the rise of Macallan’s reputation over the years, has become the world’s most expensive whiskey leader. London now sells for up to 6000 pounds. 3 Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve Janet Sheed Roberts1955 (Glenfiddich 1955 price equivalent to about 470 thousand yuan) in 2012 Glenfiddich founder William Grant Janet Sheed Roberts’s granddaughter died at the age of 110 years old, company executives to commemorate the Scotland’s oldest woman, specifically to the 1955 New Year’s Eve a barrel of whiskey aged issued in her name. The world only 15 bottles, 4 bottles for the family collection, only 11 bottles in the circulation, the 55 year old single malt whisky has become the undisputed major collectors competing into the capsule of the baby. 4 Dalmore 62 Morgan 62 (price equivalent to about 350 thousand yuan) Morgan winery in 1943 issued 12 highland single malt whisky bottle top, this wine is aged malt were from 186818761926 and 1939, each bottle was given its own name, the Morgan Stanley 62 called Matheson, the name comes from Morgan Stanley winery owner –Alexander Matheson. 2.相关的主题文章:

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