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TFBOYS sang "warrior" theme song MV released   inheritance of warrior spirit – Hunan Channel – Wang Junkai Wang Yuan Yi Xi smelt one thousand a day and night raid 240, flying from Luding Bridge, the challenges of life and death mark. Directed by Ning Haiqiang, Li Dongxue, Yu Xiaowei, Nie Yuan, Song Jialun starred in the movie "warrior" war action film invited the singer songwriter Yang Kun, teen idol group TFBOYS with two generation identity respectively "interest deduction River" two different versions of the theme song. Following the October 10th "warrior" theme song "endless river" Yang Kun version of the first episode, once again exposed the teen idol combination TFBOYS version of the theme song MV, "endless river" in the MV movie battle scene Madden blood raid, passionate, large temperament at a glance. TFBOYS with a youthful song, avant-garde atmosphere melody, impassioned lyrics, like the first with the audience a taste of the warriors for the country and the bloody scene shocked. "Warrior" theme song "endless river" is different from the previous main melody movie music creation, inspired by the famous British rock musician David Bowie (David Bao Wei), it is reported that songwriter Yang Kun, Qu Shicong, song Rui three people are David Bowie fans, was invited to the "warrior" theme song, the three hit it off to try to break the traditional theme, "early progressive rock" style to sing peace under the new "red classics". Music producer Qu Shicong said: "the river of interest" not only has a sense of power, but also full of a yearning for freedom, the desire to win the great love, to convey the call of peace. Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, invited TFBOYS Yi Xi smelt one thousand three boys to sing the movie theme song, they intended for young representatives of positive energy, called for the young generation to inherit… "Warrior". It is reported that the film will be released on October 14th in theaters nationwide. (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)相关的主题文章:

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