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The "120 thousand annual tax" rumors reflect the social anxiety of editorial recently, the State Council issued the "opinions on excitation focus groups activity driven by urban and rural residents income" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to further reduce the requirements of moderate income tax burden, income play a regulatory function, due to the high income tax regulation. The "opinions" issued after the annual salary of more than 120 thousand yuan of tax "the news quickly Shuabing social media, and suffered widespread tucao. Yesterday, tax experts said, and there is no "120 thousand annual income will be the specific provisions of tax", this message belongs to the rumors. Since the "opinion" is not mentioned in the "120 thousand annual income tax increases, the news is how come? Under the careful study will find the original tax paid on the standard terms: "due to the high income tax regulation". "High income" is defined as "the annual salary of more than 120 thousand, because in 2005 the State Council revised the" People’s Republic of China implementation of the individual income tax law regulations ", the provisions of the annual income of over 120 thousand yuan of personal income tax to the taxpayer for tax declaration after the end of the year, then put forward in 2010 to strengthen the annual income of 120 thousand yuan or more the taxpayer to tax declaration management", although the document presentation and not as high income standard, but the number 120 thousand has become one of the more prominent reference value. Moreover, many tax researchers recalled that the declaration itself in the first discussed the standard process, have more than 120 thousand yuan annual income is high income groups, local tax departments have also used this argument, but did not appear in official documents. Such a far fetched speculation, has triggered a strong reaction and panic so widely, set a logical and working-class living situation and the current tax related. Because of China’s tax system is still in the payroll tax, levied for classification of the pursuit of fairness and progressive taxation finally become a robbing the poor to the rich, working-class has become the main victims of unfair tax system. Especially first-tier cities dominated by post wage earners, mostly highly educated, have a stable job, the ability to obtain information and network voice will, their side for the floor, for the car, for their children to school, parents pension, through cracks in the property market bubble, the capital market ups and social welfare does not match, the maximum pressure of urban they bear, they are more likely to be a pain point in the stamp tax, is sensitive. 120 thousand years of income for life in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen people, a person may not be able to live a comfortable life, the family is not, while don’t eat not to drink to decades of affordable housing, but the other side is defined as high income earners also said to increase taxes, feeling very it is absurd, intense natural reaction. Moreover, the annual salary of more than 120 thousand yuan of tax "the rumors and the high income tax adjustment is consistent in the direction of the current tax system tends to rich and aggravate the unfair taxation, and high income tax to adjust a few no doubt. The new standards lag behind the reality is not without, there are many controversial new measures related to this. While the "across the board" standard is also consistent with the current tax setting.]相关的主题文章:

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