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The 14 year old school students stabbed students Pipanwuqi said is to let him die – SWAT class Dongying city Sohu news Shandong province police academy student Hu strong, because of a trivial knife stabbed students caused the death of more than a knife. The distance of the crime five months ago, Hu had strong with a knife stabbed into the injured. In December 30, 2014, Dongying City Intermediate People’s court sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. Strong. Dongying City People’s procuratorate. The day before, was commuted to life imprisonment. The students more than a knife stabbed on December 1, 2013 at 6:20 in the morning, Dongying City, Dongying district police station alarm telephone rang sharply. The phone said, not far from the police academy with a knife wounding. After the alarm, the police quickly dispatched, at the same time, the 120 emergency vehicles from another street roaring, two cars arrived at the scene of the accident almost at the same time. Here is the hall on the first floor of the student apartment building, the scene of bloody people too horrible to look at. On the ground, walls, windows…… Big blood silently records of the horrors of that time. Police in the school cafeteria to see the teacher and student control of the murderer. "This is from Hu strong body search out the knife, stabbed the man he is." A middle-aged man with a pair of glasses handed a plastic bag with blood to the police and said, "I’m his instructor." The population in the strong stand beside him. He is not tall, silent, do not appear on the face also emerged adults, with a tender. Don’t, he is the assailant? Soon, the report identified the answer. The injured Zong Lei in more than 10 knife wounds, causing Zong Lei heart rupture, right jugular vein rupture, finally, it died. In just over an hour, the lives of two young people have been completely changed. Zong Lei lost his young life, and Hu strong, from a special class of students to become the crime of intentional homicide suspects, aged 14. I just want to let him die confession of Hu stabbed Zong Lei confessed to the crime. Hu said, the incident that day in the morning exercises, in the hall on the first floor of the student apartment building, he pay attention while Zong Lei, was stabbed in his neck and then stabbed was scratched (autopsy confirmed that a 9 "wound the victim’s neck). This knife, Hu strong and blunt chest and abdomen and other vital parts of the victim stabbed more than and 10 knife. "I was trying to get him to cut his neck. So I will go in, go home, I do not have to control, so there is no home I go to school, employment, the economic burden of buying a house, I have to eat and drink in there, my family up to Zong Lei out of a coffin fee." Hu strong in the statement said. Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate of the juvenile criminal prosecution office prosecutor Wang Fei recalled, crime scene surveillance video shows up around the Hu strong neck, continuously stabbed, after seeing him very calmly and coolly away from the scene. According to his own account, he is the first to hide the toilet for a while, then calmly go out running exercises. Investigators found survey, usually strong in school Hu bossy, and classmate Zong Lei grudges deeper.相关的主题文章:

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