The 5 doctor elderly women act fraud alone was captured in the Sohu news-beself

The 5 doctor played the role of fraud alone in older women were arrested 5 men and women News – Sohu played "passerby" doctor sun wife "role, with" good except evil trick fled to Fujian Changting Province, Jiangxi Province, Huichang County, Anyuan county and other places in the middle and old aged women as targets of crime of fraud. In August 23rd, Anyuan County Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed a use of superstitious fraud gangs who commit crimes, captured Hunan suspects Zhou Moufeng, Zhou Moujiao, Zhou Moulin, Yuan Mouliu, Tan Mou 5 people, cracked a series of fraud since 3, and seized the belongings cheated, seized 1 vehicles involved, opened the mystery of "doctor" deception. Old suffered scam loss of nearly a million lives in the morning of August 22nd, Jiangxi province Anyuan County 81 year old Xie granny go out to buy food. In Wuwei near the tower, an impatient old woman came up to her: "aunt, my daughter had infertility, heard that Anyuan has a doctor, do you know where he is?" Although Anyuan people, but Xie granny doesn’t know there’s such a doctor". "Are you looking for Doctor Zhang grandpa? I know where he is. He’s very famous here." At this time, a middle-aged woman passing by, that someone to find a doctor, immediately came over to say "enthusiastic". The enthusiastic woman also said, "no, I’ll show you around." The woman of Xie granny said: "the doctor has a strange temper, a fortune teller never see a person, he said a good thing to come in." Listen to this, the old woman asked Xie granny to go, "enthusiastic" woman also advised Xie granny do good in the end. Xie granny couldn’t help two people to persuade, and driven by curiosity, followed by two people to go doctor". Along the way, "enthusiastic" woman and Xie granny chatted, asked the family. Soon, a pedestrian Xie granny went to the cell door and then just met the doctor sunxifu yan". Doctor sun wife said: "Grandpa just got up, my brother’s wife gave birth to a son, grandpa is not convenient to see people. Otherwise, you’ll wait downstairs, I’ll ask." After ten minutes, the doctor sun wife came back and said: "aunt, my grandfather had a grandson in good mood, promised to help you. He said that your daughter has not clean things, married eight years have not had a child, even if it can not keep pregnant, you go up to find grandpa!" The old woman nodded her head and left. Then, doctor sun wife turned around and looked at the old Xie said: "Auntie, you’re 81 years old, have three daughters, a son, your son’s bad luck now, because there is a traffic accident the female ghost followed him, he would have sworn revenge." Xie granny usually is a superstition, personal information has been told, it is believed that the "doctor", is there a way to resolve the questions immediately. Doctor sun wife continues to say: "my grandfather said to ward off mianhuo, to give him money to do a ritual, but also at home with all the gold of the gods." Xie granny then took 2600 yuan in cash and a gold necklace, a pair of gold earrings, a gold ring, to go home to fetch the doctor sun wife with her doctor sun.相关的主题文章:

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