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The 7 year old mountain hut took 7 years to write 40 words Chi Village (Figure) – Beijing, August 21st, 74 year old Mou Baijun read their written records of Meishan’s first village "Da an Cun Cun Zhi Zhi Zhi" and is the township level administrative units for the description of the object, a comprehensive inventory of rural geography, history, economy, customs, culture, education, property, character, unique vision, and more detailed records, has a special historical value, cultural value and academic value. "Now fell, but I can feel at ease recuperate." In August 21st, Da an Cun town Meishan city Hongya County Dongyue Group 4 74 year old Baijun completed at mu, shaking his hand "Da an Cun Zhi". In 2009 three, physical disabilities and people with coronary heart disease, Baijun started the "glorious thing". With the help of related department, the Department of Meishan’s first 40 words of the Chi Village in 2016 finally turned out to be. The old hut in 7 years to write 40 words in Da an Cun Zhi Dongyue Hongya County of Meishan City Town Village 4 groups, a mountain, an old wooden house is the home of Baijun mou. In front of the house full of flowers, the desk is covered with a variety of historical books, with ink and stale smell. Neatly bound Chi Village, is a treasure of life Baijun mou. When a soldier, Baijun young, to return home farming after the war, the girls have been married, he joined the association of the elderly, nothing to look at the magazine association. Starting in 2009, he decided to compile a village. Looking for material, is the preparation of the first pass, but also the most difficult one off. Usually associated with Da an Cun text files are copied, Baijun. However, the village is only a small village, there is not much information available for review. One day, walking in the village, Baijun Mou saw a man are chatting, listening to the old man put the Longmen front, he click into place: "they don’t is a textbook?" With the help of the Propaganda Department of the county, the village held a number of villagers forum, looking for information to collect information, made a lot of research, excavation, verification, carding and other work. Village volunteers started compiling, or collected in the Baijun Mou, or write at home in a bitter. Until the beginning of April this year, 40 words, no modern office equipment, Baijun Mou old man by sorting out all the information written. Eat Kyushin Pills lying to open end village Chi revised there will be a time for hospitalization for coronary heart disease, Baijun, but he was writing a book about this matter. "He has neglected to write the Chi Village, as long as no ill, sitting in the office, one step are reluctant to leave." Hu Jiaxi said his wife, there will be a revision of the village will be open, he was suffering from coronary heart disease, we advised him to rest at home, but he strongly disagreed. "We fail to beat him, feed him by Kyushin Pills, with his back to the venue, the will he almost always finish the lie." Hu Jiaxi choking. In July 18, 2014, in the process of writing, Baijun Mou suddenly stroke fell to the ground, was rushed to hospital. Although life is saved, but writing more and more difficult. When everyone said相关的主题文章:

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