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The anchor contest: Halloween masked (Figure) – gifted scholars and beautiful ladies reading Beijing in October 29th on Halloween, the Shenyang evening news, Ali charity positive energy every day, Huishan jointly organized, Huaqiang city hosted the 2016 Liaoning college competition and anchor Plaza classic chanting "second qualifying game at the Northeastern University student center staged wonderful. The Southern Division of the Northeastern University, Shenyang City College and the Shenyang Construction University and social group of 13 players participated in the second qualifying game for the 3 hours after a fierce battle, the final 6 players qualify for the semi-finals. Selection: professional review and public review together with comment on "2016 Liaoning college anchor contest and the Plaza classic reading activities" was officially launched in October 9th, the contest through 13 auditions, which lasted two weeks, selected from hundreds of candidates in the 65 players entered the qualifying game. Then the players through 4 qualifying game contest, the winner will be the semi-finals and finals in the competition, 2016 colleges and universities in Liaoning at the end of the tournament winners anchor. Every audition and promotion race, Shenyang evening news and Shenyang evening news broadcast a micro-blog official on the game was broadcast live. The qualifying game except invited Li Danting, Sun Tianwa, Han had 3 professional reviews, also invited 20 members from all walks of life the public review, can enhance the competition of social influence, but also to take care of the community preferences, make the game more fair. At the end of the three rounds of competition, the public judges can vote in the hands of two favorite players. Mystery: masked recitation, sound rating level of square classic reading activities to read as the basic content of the competition, 13 players were divided into 3 groups, each group choose a collective work, reading, and other games, each player wore masks. Set the masked reading link, is to prevent the "judge", let the judges and the audience through the sound and reading effect, for the players the reading level of a fair and objective understanding. The players for this masked the way reading also recognized, from City College of Wang Yuemeng and 3 other buddy reading together the "Zhaojun ChuSai", walked off the stage at the moment, Wang Yuemeng cheered: "reading on the stage especially nice to feel masked reading!" The players also chose the "Young China said," "April day" and other works. Competition: not compete with, to increase the quota in the end is the monk or pig more husband?" After reading the debate competition and talent show is wonderful, the moderator asked each player the topic of debate and debate was determined by the extraction method, because the number of players is singular, reporter, anchor Li Qinghai saved a little meat, and players to participate in the debate. Finally, Wang Ruoxi of the Northeastern University, College of the city of Wang Yuemeng, Zhang Tongtong of the University of architecture and social group Zhang Siming got a promotion card, clothing Meggie and Northeastern University city college because Song Hangyu tied for fifth, and test a round, two performances so that the judges made a difficult, after consultation, decided to temporarily increase a promotion places of sea相关的主题文章:

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