The assassination of the game, the ultimate sin poster is now the most black human nature-ssport

"The assassination game" "the ultimate sin" poster is the black Tencent human entertainment news combines science fiction, disaster, monsters, reality show four major elements in a 3D blockbuster blockbuster "assassination game" before the exposure of the "ultimate sin" version of the poster, the mystery of treacherous overall picture layout and the people tremble with fear memorable atmosphere. According to reports, "the assassination game" adapted from the popular global social network games, created by the overseas top special effects team, start the story to the survival competitive reality show as the theme, the film in the overseas after the release, harvest a lot of fans, so users of this coming in the domestic release of the film is full of expectations. The "dark" crime of reproduction of the classic "speed" in recent years, the audience aesthetic standards on international science fiction film gradually increased, in addition to the special scenes cool, more fans are looking forward to seeing the whole story, logical novel film quality. The first half of this year as "Captain America" X 3 "X-Men: Apocalypse" "ant" and other films to be released, users expect to see more diversified blockbuster visual effects is more and more high. As a full of sci-fi Vu 3D blockbuster works, "since the assassination game" self exposure trailers and posters, attracted fans attention. The day before, the film side issued "the ultimate sin" version of the poster, the mysterious picture film will further enhance the sense of crisis. The poster, an unidentified Desperado gallop in the darkness, suspense people full of all kinds of speculation on the upcoming death test. Poster rich life and death speed style is full of gimmicks, too full of eye addiction fans. According to the film’s director, ·, Surrey; Odyssey said, "the assassination game" is strictly in accordance with the Hollywood film industry form and mode of production, combined with the VFX team of top international building. "The sensory experience of the film has brought a new possibility to the science fiction film, and the latter team’s efforts are not in vain". The "reverse" cruel drama "Inception" according to the film side, "the assassination game" director of the Surrey · Odd Seye has a unique place to depict the dark side. The film not only make people full of adrenaline surge of violence and the blasting scene fully and delightfully the psychology of the characters of the show, is also particularly delicate. In the fight at outrance arena, brutal double upgrade, the dark film director will play to the extreme. The film in the overseas release, one critic said: "with" conspiracy undercurrents "and" conflict of human nature "of the eight words to describe this film is best" "this is the ultimate embodiment of the conspirators, is absolutely insane version of" inception ""…… "The assassination game" suspense drama story architecture has won numerous audience acclaim. The film to "human nature" as the reference point, another strange, in the film market of the world gathered in the sci-fi blockbuster visual effects blaze a new trail, I believe in the country after the release can also gain good results at the box office. "The assassination game" tells the story of a group of game player to win in the competition, survival in live to the end, psychological warfare in the reality scene with opponents at the same time, but also alone over a series of terrorist fantasy sci-fi adventure story. The whole film is compact, layered, from.相关的主题文章:

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