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The best time to develop children’s intelligence! The key point in time, you know, the best 1 – Sohu maternal intelligence development time: 10 in the morning morning at about 10, when the baby brain is best, on a variety of stimuli are very agile, such a state can be maintained, a daily average of 40 minutes, the mother should seize this opportunity for parent-child communication on baby. Visual and auditory stimulation can be close to double the mother baby, watching and talking to him, or read a chant, let the baby intently staring at your face, and listening to you talk; you can also give your baby to see some colorful or black-and-white striped toys and pictures, and slowly move, let the baby look after these things move; the mother is the baby ear or ear gently calling his name, baby heard immediately turned to find the sound source. Warm tip: such as the baby a little bigger, you can also take him to the outdoors to go around, with the changes in the environment, the baby will continue to find new things, which is very helpful for his intellectual development. 2, open milk: within 30 minutes after birth in the birth of the next 10 – 30 minutes, the newborn baby sucking reflex strongest, this time to open the milk, the most favorable for the success of breastfeeding. Specifically: the newborn baby if there is no abnormal situation, do a good job in the clean, but in other people’s help, let the baby naked lying prone on the mother’s chest and abdomen, if the weather is cold should keep warm, while the mother’s nipple stimulate baby’s cheek or lips, can lead to the baby’s feeding action. At this time the nipple into the baby’s mouth immediately, to cause sucking. Reminder: the family should raise the mother’s head and shoulders, so mom can see the baby milk. Early contact, early sucking, early opening of milk, but also to make a large number of prolactin and oxytocin in the mother’s body, ready for the future of adequate secretion of milk. 3, baby massage: after bathing; between two meals is early touch in the critical period of infant brain development to brain cells and nervous system to appropriate stimulation, promote infant nervous system development, so as to promote the growth and mental development. Order, way: everything from baby of mother doing massage to the baby, not necessarily in accordance with the order, every action done. Massage should be in accordance with the baby’s preferences to arrange, you can touch the disrupted order, created a few baby love or action. Massage technique also can be decided according to the age of the child, when baby teeth, can let him lie down on your back and help him massage face; when it comes to climb, let him down, to help him practice climbing; learning to walk, in addition to give him to do some leg massage. Small foot is also very important. Warm tip: if half of the baby crying, should immediately stop action. Avoid the baby too full, too hungry, too tired for touching. If you find the baby’s skin after the completion of a slight redness, it means that the strength is just. 4, try the taste of food: 4 months feeding time should be from the baby fourth months began to try, formal)相关的主题文章:

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