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The bus hit the car to escape the police the night "logical" uncovered new network car accident – the Yangzi Evening News (correspondent reporter Mei Jianming Le jian hou Jing Ya) a few days ago, who lives in Pukou District of Nanjing city resident Mr. Shi will parking their cars parked in the downstairs, found second days early in the morning when driving unexpectedly, his car was damaged, the vehicle will disappear without a trace. Receiving the alarm, Pukou police rushed to the scene, through on-site visits, and by virtue of logical reasoning, interlocking, quickly locked the vehicle, finally hit a tour bus to find, the scene also found timely repair has not yet hit the mark. In the morning, Pukou traffic police brigade received a public warning that Mr. Shi, in more than 9 points last night, his parking car parked at the roadside in Jiangpu riverside street, found in the morning was damaged, but the vehicle has to escape. Small police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene, according to the scene should be inferred in a large vehicle collision after the escape. Based on past experience, the party officers monitor the transfer of view, but due to the sudden failure of the road monitoring, no access to useful information. Subsequently, the police began to investigate the incident in the road. Provided by the sections of the street restaurant owner information the police learned that the night before 9:30 had heard the crash. To this end, the police began to perform logical reasoning. According to the information provided in the details of the vehicle engine sound, the police judge may be a bus. So, this bus is assumed to carry passengers, the number will not be less, it is so late, will be in the vicinity of a meal? Due to the incident there are many sections of the hotel, the police assume that the accident is a bus ride back to the hotel from the accident occurred on the way, the bus manned manned more, certainly not in a small restaurant to eat. To this end, the police visited the hotel from a larger survey. Indeed, the police found a clue in this section is the largest restaurant, once there is a bus to leave at this time. The police successfully got the bus at the time of ordering the phone, and found Miss Zhang bus ride and ordering. According to Miss Zhang provided by the bus company in Nanjing, a travel agent’s phone, the police found the driver lee. Understand the bus number, the police found the bus in the car accident in the afternoon. The bus has not had time to repair, after the vehicle trace, a lock of the bus is the vehicle crashed the car mr.. In the face of hard facts, the driver had to admit the scratch escape after the fact.相关的主题文章:

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