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The Carling Cup Sturridge scored two of the Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham – Sports Sohu into the quarterfinals of Beijing time on October 26th at 02 am to 45 points, the 201617 season England League Cup 18 finals to compete for Liverpool at Anfield at " > gaoqingtu: red demon front mechanical dance slag after the Encore tert Beijing on October 26th morning will caress the 02 45, the 201617 season England League Cup 18 finals to compete for Liverpool at Anfield against tottenham. After 90 minutes of fierce battle, Liverpool home court 2-1 Lectra spurs into the Carling Cup quarter finals. Sturidge put Liverpool ahead ninth minutes after the break, sixty-fourth minutes after Wijnaldum zhisai pole broke the lead. Jansen’s seventy-sixth minute penalty scored a draw. In addition, another Sturidge hit the crossbar, warm Liverpool times resolve threats to shoot. The two club history clash 164 times, Liverpool 75 wins, 42 draws and 47 losses, the last 8 meetings of the Red Army 5 wins, 3 unbeaten, but the last 3 games with a draw; the last time Liverpool lost to Tottenham in November 2012, when the road lost 1-2. This season, Liverpool Hotspur and played in the Premier League, when the two sides at White Hart Lane 1-1 shake hands. In the Carling Cup, the two sides had 7 meetings, Liverpool 1 wins 2 flat 4 negative completely at a disadvantage, last met in the 200809 season, when the Red Army 2-4 defeat away; the 200405 season, the two sides have been in the Carling Cup clash, Liverpool 1-1 away draw with Tottenham after a penalty shootout 4-3 clearance. In this game, Liverpool starting to replace all mignolet to return to the starting, the captain’s armband as defender Lucas Sturidge led the trident attack, Phil Mino, Coutinho and Henderson did not enter the main list; Tottenham, only DELL continued first, South Korea foot sun Xingmin not into the big list, Jansen single arrow. The opening is only 2 minutes, Spurs won the corner on the left corner by chance, a tactical defensive player from the bottom line, another corner is Mineo Eli directly confiscated. Third minutes, Stewart restricted area shot shot higher than the beam. Ninth minutes, Liverpool took the lead, Grew G Chi qianchangduanqiu after the success of restricted Youlei shot hit the defensive player into assists, Sturidge 6 yards before facing the warm tongshe break, 1-0! Eleventh minutes, Arnold pass, situliqi restricted Youlei rub shot into the far corner was warm brave saved the bottom line. Moreno left corner for a foul by referee stop teammates. Eighteenth minutes, origgi pass in the restricted area shot VOM resolve sturridge. Twenty-first minutes, Terry PieiTe free kick pass, Jansen header higher than the crossbar. Arnold violated Davies booked. Thirty-third minutes, Jansen used a small restricted area on the left side of the front positioning shot was saved mignolet. Terry PieiTe to attack the organization, restricted the right pass, Enduoku point after the shot was blocked by a defender line. Tottenham left corner for the offensive player collision Minho save相关的主题文章:

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