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The collection of stationery industry darling, whether ancient or modern office supplies the "scholar’s four jewels", now, in the continuous improvement and upgrading of stationery and inheritance of Chinese five thousand years of history and culture. Now, many collectors are still keen on collecting antiques, stamps, beads and other such toys, a part of the public collection of stationery, they became that many collectors in different groups. Stationery collection to make life quite playful home Xigu District, Mr. Chen is a stationery collectors, since 1997 he collected every kind of small stationery. Stationery box, pen, eraser, pencil sharpener…… According to him, these years, happened to turn the world upside down changes in its practical stationery, add a lot of view of play, from simple one layer to the multifunctional stationery box ladder, its appearance was also designed as a "cartoon character" "Transformers" "bus" and other various models, and the pencil sharpener other more attractive, from simple micro tools gradually evolved into all kinds of practical and beautiful creative stationery. It is also the evolution of these stationery, it makes me think of the idea of collecting stationery." Reporter visited found that, although at present, there is no large collection of stationery collection groups in the Lanzhou market, but in a lot of stationery store can be seen everywhere collectors figure. "This notebook is too good, I just can not help but want to buy back, but simply reluctant to use." Hualian Shopping Center in a stationery shop, the reporter met office worker Zheng Jie, she told reporters, from school she had to buy fine stationery habits, a lot of beautiful stationery are reluctant because not used. The "hardcore" collectors collection boutique "hundreds of thousands of German Leuchtturm1917 band Montblanc pen, notebook, Faber water-soluble crayons…… Have to say, the collection of stationery is really a "pit"." Mr Wei told reporters that his wife Yang Liting is a ashes level stationery collectors, specializing in the collection of some foreign limited edition stationery. "Who can expect to buy a limited edition leather notebook need more than 2 thousand dollars, but this is the attitude of my wife’s life, she can not buy, do not buy clothes, not even to buy brand-name cosmetics, but no one can stop her to buy stationery." Thousands of dollars to buy Stationery is really worth it? Yang Liting has said that she is not only a collection of high-end stationery, for some of the old stationery also has a special liking. "I am very fond of beautiful stationery, which is a part of my life, perhaps in the future, they will have a lot of room for appreciation." Yang Liting said that the stationery market has become a huge market in a year hundreds of billion yuan, which in recent years has been increasing, many stationery collectors are considered, with the collection value and great commemorative stationery. She believes that with the passage of time, these stationery also shows their worth, one day will make people with special respect. Source: Western China Business News相关的主题文章:

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